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Thank You, Datalounge: The Wisdom of the Gays

Posted on the 01 February 2018 by Calvinthedog

Datalounge is actually a fantastic gay forum, one of the best on the web, but I also enjoy reading about similar things (see below) on Empty Closets, another excellent gay forum.

You don’t have to read stuff that turns you off, but there are a lot of good discussions that straight people might be interested in.

I have never seen topics such as the nature and reality of sexual orientation, masculinity, femininity, bisexuality in men, friendships between gay and straight men, homophobia, etc. discussed with such incisive wisdom. And all of the people doling those most immaculate truths on those subjects were gay men. What is interesting is that are a number of straight women and even straight men who are regulars commenters on that site.

Also a lot of those gay men on there are damned funny. Remember back when gay men were cool and funny? Now they’re a bunch of dour, sanctimonious, humorless, censorious, hardass church ladies with a chip on their shoulder as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Nowadays, fags are a drag.

Anyway ,in one discussion about homophobia, a number of the gays were insisting on the “All homophobes are really gay” lie, and I remember one very wise gay man said,

Yes, some homophobes are gays hiding something and engaging in some weird psychological defense. But I think most homophobes are just people who hate us. Sure, they’re assholes. I think we need to fess up to the fact that there are a lot of people out there who are completely straight and simply hate us for being who we are.

That was such a brilliant, refined, reflective, thoughtful remark.

You would think that you would hear common wisdom like that all the time, but in fact, common wisdom is in short supply nowadays, having been replaced by often on its face preposterous Cultural Left lies and nonsense pretending to be the truth.

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