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Tension and Discontent Rising Once Again in the United Kingdom

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

UK strike protests

Slowly, imperceptibly tension and discontent in the UK is rising once again. Looking at the UK horoscope confirms the fact that beneath the surface, all is not right and the people are getting rather exasperated with cuts, austerity and their standards of living dropping at an alarming rate. The budget held in March (yearly financial report and proposals by the chancellor of the exchequer) was widely panned and, on the surface imposed yet more restrictions on the majority including an unpopular freeze on the state pensions while approving a 5% tax cut for the most wealthy in society – bad public relations and timing if ever you wanted it. Even the current weather fits the current mood. So ironic that once a drought warning was issued for half the country, the heavens opened and it simply hasn’t stopped raining since. One thing all governments need to bear in mind is that the British people like to protest and to rebel – it is inherent in the UK psyche with Uranus in conjunction with the more easy going Libran ascendant. When we are unhappy we let those in power know about it.

UnitedKingdom transits

The picture on the 3rd May 2012, the date of the local elections in the UK, is very stressful. We have transiting Pluto on the nadir of the UK chart within a degree on being conjunct to the UK Sun opposing the Midheaven and square to the ascendant and transiting Uranus is on the descendant square to transiting Pluto opposing the Ascendant and square to the Midheaven. All the major angles of the chart are being put under duress at the same time as well as the Sun and because these planets move so slowly, this situation which is now in place is going to hold for at least a couple of years.

May 3rd 2012

Ok, in the UK as. The upcoming local elections and the events surrounding them I think will act as a watershed moment for the next couple of years. On the day of those elections, the UK’s chart ruler Venus (Libra ascendant) will be grinding to a halt before preparing to go retrograde later in May. She turns on the star El Nath in Taurus. As in France where a shift of power is taking place, the power of the anti-establishment feeling fostered by this conjunction could be very significant. El Nath at the tip of the horn of Taurus the bull is traditionally seen as a terrible weapon, a point of power which can be wielded for good or for evil.

Looking above to the astrology wheel, transiting Venus will be opposing the UK Mercury, the place where the voice of the people will be heard. I think that the UK’s voice will be heard in those elections, and the ruling Conservative and Liberal coalition parties may take a fearful battering. I don’t just think that the opposition Labour party will benefit, all opposition parties of all persuasions will do well, including ones with more controversial views. Venus will also be in conjunction with the star Bellatrix which sits on the shoulder of Orion and as well as in conjunction with fixed star Capella in the constellation of Auriga the charioteer. When Venus connects with these stars, alternative or rogue views in society come to the fore (Bellatrix) and the values of society are challenged and freedom from restrictions are sought (Capella). Sounds like the voice of the UK will be in the form of protest and support for more extremist views against the impositions that the current government are imposing. There are public service protests and strikes planned for 1st May 2012 which very much fits in with the picture the planets and stars are painting.

Of course, I am only looking at one planet here, there are other factors in the background at work too. Transiting Neptune over this period will be in paran relationship with the fixed star Hamal, the brightest in the constellation of Aries which Bernadette Brady deciphers as “upheavals over matters to do with oil & chemicals”. Here in the UK we have the highest petrol prices in Europe, and their is a simmering tanker-driver’s dispute which could paralyze the UK and spread panic throughout the population. There’s more – the Heliacal Setting Star (the last star to set at the descendant before the Sun rises) for this time of year is Denebola which sits at the tail of the Lion in Leo. You don’t mess with the king of the beasts, and Brady says that Denebola here brings “clashes with the Establishment”.

Looking at the position of the Moon and the Sun on or around the 3rd May, the Moon is in paran relationship with both Betelgeuse (in Orion) and Menkar (a very difficult star in the jaws of Cetus the Whale), so tensions will be running very high both with the leader (David Cameron) and with the people. The Sun will have paran relationships with Zosma (the star on the back of the lion in Leo) and Capulus (the nebula that sits in the sword of the constellation Perseus). Both these connections can be rather nasty – Brady says about Zosma in connection with the Sun that  “a group of people are the innocent victims of a senseless act” and her interpretation of Sun/Capulus isn’t much better hinting at “a violent or ruthless person or event”. Some unfortunate event may happen which could capture the attention of the British people.

The pressure cooker atmosphere in the UK is going to explode somewhere along the line, and it could be as soon as next month as the background influence of Pluto square Uranus tightens it’s grip. All this is before the 21st May Solar Eclipse which squares the UK Pluto and hits in the UK house of change, big business, financial debt and dealing with finances of other countries. More of the repercussions of this hit, when I write about this new eclipse in the coming weeks.

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