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Ten of the Worlds Rarest Species of Primates and Where to Find Them

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Most people will call them monkeys and there are thousands of different species of them found all around the world. From the families of new world monkeys to the families of the old world monkeys, but there ten you are about to see are sadly part of a growing number of rare species and they are all amazing and well worth the conservation efforts many of them are currently receiving...

Zanzibar Red Colobus

It might be called red, but this monkey is in fact silver in colour! It is found on the main island of the Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania, but this is the only location in which they are found and with more and more tourist visiting its home it is considered quite rare.

Snub-Nosed Monkey

They are part of the "Old World monkeys" family and it is thought there might be less than 2,000 of them left in the wild. They live is a small part of China's Yunnan Province and while it is mostly a forest left unspoiled it is still fast disappearing.

Miller's Grizzled Langur

While it is found in other areas the discovery of a small family of them on an island of Borneo give hope that its numbers may be much higher than previously thought, but they are still low enough to be a concern.

Goeldi Monkey

This is one of the smallest monkey species in the world and it is found mostly in the upper Amazon basin region of Bolivia. Sadly there is not a lot of them left in this world, but due to being so small their numbers are in doubt.

White-Throated Guenon

This diurnal primate is found in the treetops of the tropical areas of Nigeria and mostly lives on what it finds up there. Sadly those treetops are disappearing faster then they are growing leading to a steep decline in this species numbers.

Northern Pig-Tailed Macaque

This little cutie is a Northern Pig-Tailed Macaque and can be found in lots of different places. From Bangladesh and Chine, Thailand, and Vietnam. Its numbers are in decline mostly due to human development happening in their boundaries.

Cotton-Top Tamarin

It weighs less than 0.5 kg and only lives for about 13 years on average. Which sadly does go on to explain why their numbers are in decline due to its short life span.

Gray-Shanked Douc

They can only be found in the remote forests of Vietnam and is thought to number less than 500. But the good news is there are heavy conservation efforts currently underway.

Golden Lion Tamarin

Most of the worlds remaining Golden Lion Tamarin's are in captivity, but there are efforts to increase their numbers as well as introducing them back into the wild.

Proboscis Monkey

They are often found inside groups of Bornean orangutans, but this reddish-brown arboreal Old World monkey has its unusually large nose to make it stand out. Because of its close co-existence with other species, exact numbers are hard to count, but it is thought to be less than 5,000.

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