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Ten of the Craziest Gambling Wins You Won’t Believe Are True

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

While there are a lot of people who lose money when gambling there are also people who win, but these ten wins are not your ordinary winners. They are the craziest and most insane gambling wins you will ever hear about and most of them are the reasons many people gamble in the first place...

Rolling With It - Patricia Damorro

A lot of people enjoy a lucky night at the craps table, but this is something extraordinary. She rolled a record 157 times and NEVER rolled a single 7! While the amount of money she won wasn't that much it is still a crazy night of winning for sure.

The Biggest Online Payout - Peter Hollan

If you enjoy playing the Arabian Nights slot machine you might enjoy playing it a little more after learning Peters story. While playing the game on autopilot he returned to the computer to discover he had won 14 million euros which is about £10 million GPB and $16 million USD.

The Mega Bucks Payout - Person Unkown

Have you ever seen the Megabucks machines in a casino? These are usually the biggest of all the slot machines and while the price per spin is high the wins are crazy and that is exactly what this person won. With a single $5 note she put it into the machine and won $12.7 Million! Now that is what I call an epic win.

The MIT Blackjack Team - Mike Aponte

The MIT Blackjack Team was a group of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other leading colleges who used sophisticated strategies to beat casinos at blackjack worldwide. Mike Aponte is a member of this team and his winnings are said to be the highest of all the team at $5-$8 Million USD.

Learn and Win - Don Johnson

Don was a professional blackjack player who won over $15 million from several casinos in just a short six-month period. And if you think he did this by cheating you would be wrong, he did it by studying blackjack odds and betting strategically.

Robbing The Palace - Person Unkown

At the Palace Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas a woman who loved her slot machines put all of her $100 USD bet into a random slot machine and won the jackpot. While that might not sound all that amazing, she then rolled in another big jackpot to win a record $27 million USD.

Ten to Twenty - Jack Brown

Jack wasn't all that big on gambling, but on his last night at the Caesars Palace hotel, he put just $10 into a random slot machine and won $20 million to the dime! Now that is a great way to end the holiday that is for sure!

Thirty to Thirty - Person Unkown

If you think 10 to $20 million was a good win (which it was) then imagine how Cynthia Jay felt when she won a Megabucks Jackpot that was $34,959,458! She did this at the now-closed Desert Inn Hotel, but there are still Megabucks Jackpots with bigger jackpots in other casinos.

Megabucks Winner - Person Unkown

When you are 25 you have dreams of doing great things with your life, but when you are this anonymous winner and hit a Megabucks jackpot of $40 million you can make all those dreams come true and a lot more besides. He deposited just $100 but was a frequent gambler at this casino.

Low, High, Low - Archie Karas

Archie is famed for having the largest and longest documented winning streak in casino gambling history. Starting with just $50 he turned it into more than $40 million in a single year by constantly winning various games from slot games to blackjack. It seems his luck turned as the next year he lost it all, so there is a lesson to walk away after a big win there for sure.

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