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Ten of the Craziest and Most Amazing Roller Blinds You Will Ever See

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Most people have at least one roller blind in the house these days and it is probably quite nicely suited to the colour of the room. But these ten roller blinds you are about to see are some of the more unusual, crazy and even most amazing you will ever see (and many of them you can buy, or at least make yourself)...

Roller Blind Made With Newspaper

Believe it or not this blind is made form little more than a load of old newspapers! It will take a long time to roll enough to make a whole blind, but it is a great recycling idea for sure (just not the easiest to make).

Personalised Roller Blind

I'm not sure why you would want to do this, but you can have a roller blind with a personalised image on it! If you ask me this one is a bit egotistical, but it might be good for someone.

Hole Punched Roller Blind

If you need a blackout roller blind, but also need a small amount of light you could always get a set of these night-time city view blinds which are simply amazing!

Mod Podge Roller Blind

If you want the whole room to look the same why not take some time to Mod Podge the same wallpaper onto the blind, that way when it is closed it will look tidy and uniform.

Genuine Leather Roller Blind

These high-quality, hand-stitched blinds probably cost more than the windows themselves, but they do look amazing. While these are Venetian you can also get roller style.

Peeking Monkey Roller Blind

No, this is not a real monkey peeking through your blind, it is a roller blind made to look like it! The joke might wear off after a while, but it will be funny at first.

Sea View Roller Blind

You can get just about any image printed onto a roller blind so why not have a picture of something nice, something that might cheer you up on a rainy day!

Chrome Plated Roller Blind

When you want something a little different, but still a normal blackout roller blind why not get one made form chromed metal! I think these look great and being extra heavy wouldn't bash about if it was windy outside (with the window open of course).

Peeking Zebra Roller Blind

Much like the monkey one, this picture is of a zebra looking through the blind. But of course, it is just a picture and this one is a little more tasteful than the monkey.

Cutout Roller Blind

You can buy these if you want, but you have probably already worked out that you could in fact make your own! Just paper cut the shapes or image out and hang it back up!

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