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Ten of the Best Bingo Tips and Tricks That Can Help You Win Big!

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Are you an avid online bingo player? If you are these ten tips might be of interest to you. While there is no way to guarantee a win in every game there are things you can do which will narrow down the odds of you losing. These are the best bingo tips and tricks from the avid dabbers and the bingo bosses...

Ten of the Best Bingo Tips and Tricks That Can Help You Win Big!

10 - Buy Tickets Wisely

While it is always good to play every game why not only play one ticket for the 'warm-up' games and save as much cash as possible for the big game at the end of the night. Winning small amounts is fun, but winning the big one is much better.

9 - Buy At the Right Time

This tip is the reverse of number 10. Why not get more tickets for the early games and only one for the big final game. That way if you win something nice in the early games you can get more tickets for the bigger games. What way around you use these two first tips is up to you.

8 - Find your Online House

While you might think they are all the same bingo sites are all different. Some have great bonuses, some have great chat features. Why not sign up to a few different ones to discover what you like the most.

7 - Learn From the Chatters

If the bingo room you are playing in has a chat feature, or just in a real life bingo hall (sadly a lot of casinos and bingo halls are closed down these days, but a few are still open) listen or read to the people around you. There is no better tipster than a proper player.

6 - Stay Compos Mentis

Making sure you don't drink too much or have to go to the toilet at a bad time is the key to making sure you never miss a win. This is of vital importance if you are playing in a real-life bingo hall.

5 - Quiet Rooms

While it's nice to play in the big bingo rooms full of chatters it can sometimes be better to play in the quieter online rooms or sites. That way you have less chance of someone pitting you to the post with a full-house.

4 - Check you Email Before Making a Deposit

Have you recently signed up for a bingo site and plan to make your first deposit or maybe a deposit after a few weeks away? If so you should always check your email for coupon codes and bonus vouchers as it can result in more credit to play with or more bingo cards per game!

3 - Just Play the Big Games

Why waste valuable credit when you could be using it to win a life-changing amount of money! If you're not into chatting or the site you use doesn't have a chat feature just spend it all on those bigger bingo jackpots.

2 - Get to the Bingo Hall Early

While this is only for real world bingo halls obviously it is still a great tip. Are you hard of hearing? Then sit up front! Are you quiet and shy? Then sit at the back. But whatever you do don't let people tell you "I sit there" there is no "reserved seat" function so stand your ground!

1 - Learn the Rules of the Game

While you might think its a pretty simple game there are still rules at both real-world and online bingo sites. Make sure you know those rules and obey them, esspecialy when it comes to methods and rules of prize claiming. This is esspecialy true when playing online. Bingo can be a tough game, so make sure you are on the winning team with these great tips.

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