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Ten Festive Vehicles With Santa Hats on to Drive Around in This Christmas

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Have you ever stopped for one moment and thought that your car or work van might want to get into the festive mood? It's no good sticking a mini Christmas tree on the dashboard and calling it a day, check out these ten festive looking vehicles for some inspiration and seasonal smiles...

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Smart cars have a lot of personality anyway, but one wearing a Santa hat and Santa beard is sure to make just about anyone smile as you drive past them.

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You don't have to have a new car or a giant Santa hat to turn your vehicle into something more festive, you could always make your own hat like this person has. Although the hat could do with a good clean that is for sure.

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They say the smallest of cars have the biggest of personalities and they don't get much smaller than a bubble car! But yet, with a large Christmas hat on I still want to drive it around all day long, even if I would feel like a sardine.

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Do you remember the Fictional character Mater from the Cars movie and its sequels? Well, he is also getting on on the act and spreading a little bit of festive cheer to all who he tows over the festive period.

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People who drive around in classic Volkswagen Beetles are used to people staring at their cars, but this person thought that Herbie (ask your parents) needed a little bit of Christmas spirit as well.

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It doesn't matter how big or how small your family car is. Putting a Santa hat on it will always spread a little bit of festive cheer wherever you drive. Oh, and maybe a few accidents as people are looking at your car rather than the road ahead of them.

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It's not just cars that can wear giant Santa hats, this tram is often seen driving around Amsterdam and people seem to love it. Throw in a little bit of sponsoring from the local radio station and you have yourself a viral hit!

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Even newer cars can enjoy wearing a Santa hat, but I think it always looks best on a red car, but maybe that is just my favourite festive colour.

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What is the best way to sell a new Range Rover to people at this time of year? Of course! Stick a giant Santa hat on it! Or maybe just reduce the price so more people could afford it.

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Even classic vans are getting into the festive spirit. Although I have to say the front part looks like the van is wearing a giant pair of pants!

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