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Ten Celebrity Dog Look-A-likes Who Look Like Twins

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

What you ever heard someone say the phrase some dogs look like their owners? Well, they may have had a point. In fact, I have 10 cases where certain breeds of dogs look like certain celebrities. If only the following famous people and their canine companions were alive, back when Noah was building his Ark he would have let them both on it for sure! Oh, and if you are reading this, Disney, and you wish to hire any of the famous people below, make sure you get them to play their dog look-a-like as their character.

10 - Lady Gaga Looks Like a Hairless Chinese Crested

I'm sure Hairless Chinese Crested dogs have lovely personalities, but why in the world would you wish to own one as a pet - they aren't the best-looking dogs. Unlucky for Gaga though as she could easily get one to replace her on stage and the audience would be none the wiser.

9 - Snoop Dogg Looks Like a Doberman Pinscher

Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion or whatever the guy is calling himself nowadays, resembles a Doberman Pinscher quite well I think you'll agree. Although Doberman Pinschers have become status dogs, we think that Calvin (yes, that's his real name) would look badass with one of these breeds of dog at each side of him.

8 - Jack Black Looks Like a French Bulldog

Jack Black has had a very successful career as a musician in the rock band Tenacious D and he has also been successful in the movie industry with films such as School of Rock and Kung Fu Panda under his belt. But despite all this and more, the comedian also resembles a certain French canine - a French bulldog to be exact.

7 - Brad Pitt Looks like a Schnauzer

Holy cow! That dog has a beard - now that's a "real man's dog" if ever I saw one. As much as it seems the dog stole Brat Pitt's idea for the beard, it was clearly Brat Pitt who stole the idea from the dog! If I owned a Schnauzer I would defiantly shave some of its facial hair off to create new styles - you know it has to be done.

6 - Ron Perlman Looks Like a Boxer Dog

If you have seen a little film called Hellboy then you will know who Ron Perlman is. He is the dude who you have probably guessed, Hellboy. But, what not many people know is that the American actor also has a dog look-a-like.

5 - Russell Brand Looks Like a Portuguese Water Dog

You need to have an acquired taste to like English comedian Russell Brand. The flamboyant personality has a dog counterpart that looks quite canny.

4 - Eric Stonestreet Looks Like a Chow

Eric Stonestreet, who played Cameron Tucker on the ABC comedy Modern Family just has one of those faces that you cannot hate. And to make it worse, his dog counterpart is one the least manly dogs going. We would say unlucky for him, but I guess you can't hate everyone now can you.

3 - Albert Einstein Looks Like a Terrier

Albert Einstein was a genius, there is no question about it. In fact, his wacky white hair helps give birth to mad scientist roles such as Doc from Back to the Future. It seems he has a furry companion that has based his looks on Einstein by also sticking a folk in a plug socket. We wonder if any other dogs out there are inspired to look like their favourite celebrities.

2 - Paris Hilton Looks Like an Afghan

Paris Hilton - you either love her or you hate her but we can all agree that her career kick-started due to her family owning the Hilton Hotel and she seems to carry her tiny dog around with her as a fashion statement. We just wished she owned an Afghan breed as they make quite the pair.

1 - Taylor Swift Looks Like an Akitas

Now that is a cool dog if I ever saw one. You know it's that laid back that it would put a dog like Lassie to shame. In fact, the only thing the dog is missing is a doobie and maybe even a suit as it's that smart. Heck, let's throw in a monocle to show how sophisticated the dog is.

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