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Tel Aviv Bans Tefillin Booths Outside of Schools

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The City of Tel Aviv has decided to prohibit stands for PR and stands for prayer (basically for putting on tefillin) within 100 meters of schools, kindergartens and any other public institution meant for the use of children...
There is somewhat of an outcry about this, calling Tel Aviv leadership anti-Jewish, anti anything with a Jewish flavor, and leading a competition among cities trying to wipe away anything that seems Jewish.
sources: Kikar, Srugim, Kipa
It is sad, and troubling, that Judaism is so scary, and threatening, to so many people, especially in Israel. 
On the other hand, children are easy targets. They should be off limits. I understand parents who raised their children a certain way - they don't want someone coming along and trying to sell a different lifestyle and different messages to their children. Children are often impressionable. Wait until they are adults. The people putting tefillin on these kids would not like it if a group of people went to their kids schools and targeted them with messages of anti-shechita under the guise of animal cruelty, or anti-circumcision or humanistic messages such as loving people of all faiths or pro-LGBTQ messages. Nobody wants their children targeted with messages against those they imbued in their children. Wait until they are adults and then try to persuade them to put on tefillin.
This is different than the booths in train stations that recently came under attack. That was targeting adults, for the most part. This is targeting children.
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