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Teddy Bear Tea Embroidery Pattern

By Alison_wood @midnight_eden
Teddy Bear Tea Embroidery Pattern

Crafters, makers and creatives - I think we could all use something cheerful this winter as the cold temps continue on. Therefore, I created this embroidery pattern for you to enjoy. If you get a chance to try it, please do share with Art-of-Crafts on social media!

This is a great craft for adults and children alike - children will need supervision with needles and scissors.

Materials you will need:

- Printer and paper for the embroidery pattern
- Solid colored fabric
- Embroidery Floss, Hoop and Needles
- A pencil
- Scissors for floss

Step One - Download this free Teddy Bear Tea Embroidery Pattern PDF and print it out.

Teddy Bear Tea Embroidery Pattern

Step Two - Place a piece of thin, solid colored fabric over the printed pattern. Holding the pattern and fabric up to a sunny window is an easy way to trace the image, or use a light box if you have one available. Other methods are available if you search online - Pinterest is a great place to start! I like to use a simple soft pencil for tracing patterns.

Step Three - Choose to include the entire image in your creation, or just the parts you enjoy. In my case, I wanted to only include the cute little bear and teacup.

Teddy Bear Tea Embroidery Pattern

Step Four - After tracing your image, center it in your embroidery hoop and begin stitching.

Here are some embroidery ideas for this particular pattern:

- A simple running stitch works great for the outline of the bear
- French knots are perfect for the bear's nose and the center of the bow tie
- Double up on stitches for the teacup to create a solid color

Step Five - Hang your finished embroidery on the wall using the hoop as the frame, or take your creation out of the hoop and add it to a pillow case, table cloth or other decorative item.

Teddy Bear Tea Embroidery Pattern

Step Six - Don't forget to share your finished piece with us in the comments below!

Teddy Bear Tea Embroidery Pattern

Ashley Lucas aka Lady Lucas is an artist and craft designer that creates cute animal characters for a living. Visit her artwork on herand don't forget to follow her daily artwork on

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