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Tastes of Life - Maggie Or Marie - A Short Story #timecapsule

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

A Short story about tastes of life and how it impacts you #timecapsule

Maggie or Marie - everyone has this challenge in life #timecapsule

The tastes of life can force you to dig up a time capsule #timecapsule

name="description" content="It took so many years to realize who was important in my life - Maggie or Marie. A short story about what happens when tastes of life change the life to a large extent."/>
When I lost you I never realized. I didn’t realize a part of my body was imputed. It was all painless. I was illusioned at that time for wrong reasons. Marie was the reason. You slid off quite swiftly from my life and memories. I let it go, from both the segments, intentionally and unintentionally. You never complained about this to me. In fact, you knew about what was cooking between Marie and me. I had gone mad after Marie. Like I had gone mad after you. It was during my school days when we interacted for the first time. It took a long time to decide Maggie or Marie.

Tastes of Life - Maggie or Marie - A Short Story #timecapsule

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You were with Suzy. She introduced you to me. I was mesmerized. You were wonderful. Life was awful at that time. It was like love at first sight. I don’t know if it was the same thing with you or not. And when I got to know your name while Suzy was introducing us – Maggie – my love doubled. What a beautiful name. My tastes of life had started getting colors. The plain natured and docile Rocky, your Rocky, started changing to a dashing star of the school. Everyone started noticing the change in me. I knew you were the reason. That day I thought and decided, there will be nobody between you and me, henceforth. Suzy was not required anymore for further meetings with you.
Maggie, I always loved you. You always did whatever I wished. You came in my life and brought so much happiness along. I was absolutely in a stunning mode that time. The relationship continued. I moved from school to college, and then from college to job. You were always with me, throughout, undemanding. You gave me all the leverages of your life to me. Day or night, whenever I wanted to hold you, I did. You never resisted. You were always happy because I was happy.
Marie came into my life when I was in the middle of my career. My health was not very good at that juncture. Mom brought Marie home one day. She took me in a corner and whispered in my ears. She told me that you are not good for my life. I should leave you and carry on my life further with Marie. I was stunned to hear this. I could not even think of it. Mom had tears in her eyes. She was worried about my health. I never knew why she was blaming you for this. I could see the sad face and wet eyes. Probably you had understood well before my actions about what was going to happen in your life and my life.

Tastes of Life - Maggie or Marie - A Short Story #timecapsule

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That one day spent with Marie in my room changed all the tastes of my life. Within a week, I decided you are not fit for my life, anymore, any further. We departed. I was happy. You were sad. I had smiles on my face holding Marie on my side. You were tearful. You departed silently, not even demanding a last kiss. You wished me and Marie all the wishes of life. I started forgetting you soon after. It was just Marie and me. Life was joyful. And then I got to know about some legal implications you get caught in. I never bothered to understand or know about it further. You were just my past.
Time flew like anything. You were like a time capsule containing that part of life when we were together. I had buried that time capsule years ago. It was just Marie and our kisses. You were tall, Marie was short. You were thin, Marie was slim. You were a soundless partner of my life. Marie was crackling all the time. For many years, we lived happily together. Suddenly I started realizing Marie never loved me. And shockingly I never loved Marie. We were just fulfilling the wishes of someone else. I started missing you Maggie. I started missing the time we used to spend together. I started remembering the way you would run in my hands, whenever I needed you. You were always there for me. But that was not the case with Marie. She turned out to be a wrong partner of my life.
I started craving for you. I tried searching you. Not a single memory was left in the house. I tried to find you elsewhere. There was no place where I could find a hint. I was totally desperate. Despite all good efforts I, couldn’t find any memorabilia. Instead, during the search, I found my phone that was lying on the bed, on mute. The light indication was telling there was a call. It was Sudhakar on the line. I picked the call. “Sir,” he told me, “Shall I bring Maggie home. The government has lifted the ban.”.  And that was enough to bring tears to my eyes. We were uniting again, forever.  The life is back on the track. The tastes of life are back to original. 

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