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Taking a Look at the Smart Garden by Click & Grow

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture The days of spending a fortune on low quality spices are gone, and new and exciting products have popped up on the market. I’ve seen gardening products that claim they revolutionize at-home gardening, but none of the products I’ve seen hold much water compared to the new Smart Garden by my Estonian friends over at Click & Grow. With this small, at home garden, you don’t have to toil with messy soil, or fear bugs, or even worry that you forgot to water your plants each day. Picture Picture The Smart Garden is an edgy, yet simple design that provides you with the capability of growing herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit right from your kitchen counter or dining table. All hydroponic and super easy to use; I mean, ridiculously easy to use. The Smart Garden is an ingenious design that marries hydroponic and LED lighting together in a small and sleek package. It’s so freaking easy that all you have to do is place the remade pods (which includes a growing substrate, plant food and seeds) inside their designated spots, fill the tank with water, and plug it in, and you’re done. No serious, that’s it. And within a month or two, you will have a very happy, healthy plant. How cool is that?!
With the Smart Garden, you can grow any three plants at any given time, as there are three spots for pods. So, if you purchase three different pod sets (of three), then you can alternate or grow one of each at the same time. So, it’s possible to have oregano, basil and rosemary growing all at the same time. What else is awesome is that since it’s hydroponic, it grows super fast, so you can take what you need as you need it, or harvest and dry the herb from time to time. Either way, you will always have fresh herbs for cooking, without the hassle of a garden outside.

Picture I found the Smart Garden by Click & Grow to be one of the coolest products on the market. Not only is it extremely simple, but it’s extremely successful. For example, I spent less than five minutes getting acquainted with the product. And in less than two months, my basil plants had grown six inches and were ready to be made into pesto; this is visible in the photos showing the largest amount of growth. I have nothing to criticize here with the Smart Garden; as it’s a great design, works as good as advertised, and is such a fun project to have at home. It’s not only such a nice luxury to have fresh herbs growing at home, but in my kitchen, as if they’re simply growing and waiting for me to incorporate their tasty goodness into my next meal. It’s brilliant!

If you would like to find out more about Click & Grow’s Smart Garden, click here.

Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen – Product photo by © Click & Grow.

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