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T-Shirt Fundraiser: How Can You Raise Funds Selling T-Shirts Online?

Posted on the 11 November 2019 by Palmgear @PalmgearBlog

Fundraising isn’t an easy job to pull off; it mostly requires events to be held to generate monetary support for a cause or charity, which may seem overwhelming.

With time different methods were introduced for fundraising amongst which the most popular and relatively easy is to sell t-shirts online.

T-shirts are an amazing channel for fundraising. It requires the least amount of work to create and produce. At the same time, it’s the safest thing to try and sell to the people.

What you need to do is invent a design that will be clear about the message that you are trying to raise awareness on and work on how you want to get the word out!

Below we will share a guideline to make your funds raising efforts successful.

Guideline on Raising Funds Selling T-Shorts Online

Here are the general guidelines that you need to follow if you want to sell T-shirts online to raise funds:

Step 1: Create a Relevant Layout

Come up with a layout that is related to your fundraiser. You can design tools to custom make something that you will love to wear. You can upload any of your own graphic designs, add some texts, and introduce any art clips.

But if you want to delegate the work to someone else, you can look up websites that will help you create new designs for your t-shirt. Also, if you are working for/with any organizations, you can add their logos, as well.

Step 2: Let People Know Your Story

Share the story behind the campaign with the people. Tell everyone about the cause of the campaign, who and what it’s about, and why it matters to you. You can give a title, add a narrative, and select a timeframe for the campaign.

Additionally, you should create a marketing plan on how you want to create and execute sales. Next, you can post a sample of the shirt on your desired platform along with a sign-up sheet for placing the orders.

Design the sizes in a manner where it can be worn by both the genders; this will make the process easier for both sides. Upload the size chart online to get a better idea of how much of each size needs to be produced.

Step 3: Do Proper Research

Make sure to research before selecting the producers of your t-shirts. Look for a company that will be providing a fair price for good quality t-shirts. Before confirming the production of the whole lot, ask for a sample to check for the quality of both the t-shirt and the print.

To minimize the chances of facing a loss, you can set up a deadline to collect the minimum required fun before starting production. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for the deadline for the campaign. If you fail to meet the requirement to print, you can work on relaunching the campaign in a different manner.

Step 4: Promote

Reach out to your family, friends, and supporters and ask them to spread the word around. If there are other people working on your team, you can also ask them to help promote it.

You can announce the availability of the T-shirts in blogs, newsletters, websites, or emails. Furthermore, tap into the larger community by listing the T-shirts in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Moreover, you can also ask for social media influencers to help you promote the cause.

Step 5: Choose a Platform

Select the right platform to sell the T-shirts on. Try to make the cash payment and collection as seamless as possible. Only re-order if you are sure that the demand is there, and consider offering newer styles or colors to incentivize sales.

Popular Platforms You Can Use

Here are some popular websites which you can use to design and sell T-shirts for fundraising for different purposes:

  • Inkd Apparel

If you need design advice, Inkd Apparel is the perfect website to go to. It is for non-profit or people who need guidance in building their campaigns. Then, their expert will build out a fundraising website for you.

  • Fundly

For general crowdfunding and campaigns, you can use Fundly to design and sell your T-shirts. Here, you will be able to set a minimum and/or suggested donation amounts, which will encourage donors to give much as they can.

  • Zenex Sports

If you are looking for a platform to raise funds for teams and clubs, Zenex Sports is the way to go. They will design t-shirts for you. As a result, all you will have to worry about is getting the word about your fundraiser around.

  • Nature’s Vision

For campaigns that are focused on environmental responsibilities, you should opt for Nature’s Vision. They will provide t-shirts that are made with 100% organic cotton. You can choose from their ready-made animal and nature-themed designs or give your own one.

  • Fan Cloth

If you want to raise funds for a school and school sports teams, Fan Cloth is the ideal website as they offer incentive programs to encourage athletes and students to work their hardest to raise funds!

  • Qgiv

Qgiv will help you connect to the donors directly by making an online storefront through their peer-to-peer fundraising software. It is recommended for larger non-profit organizations who want to integrate t-shirt fundraising into a more complicated campaign.

  • Bonfire

This platform offers extreme flexibility for individuals as well as small to large non-profit organizations. The website is very easy to work on and has the options to create the best customizable campaign goals.

Get Working!

Before starting on your campaign, we will advise you to map up your idea and make it as clear as possible. Select the cause, platform, and develop your marketing tactics before you start working on the final campaign.

Having a clear idea of what you will work on will make the rest of the process a lot simpler. We will advise you to be careful before choosing the t-shirt producer. The cheapest deals are not necessarily the best deals.

Make sure you are happy with the sample product before going for mass production, especially for future success.

Next, choose a producer who has the reputation of being punctual with their delivery time. Make the best of the social media sites as that will be the best platform to reach a good variety of people. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy each process of creating your own campaign!

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