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Syria – Understanding the World’s Muted Response to the Houla Massacre Through the Stars.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Saying goodbye

It’s an awful picture, isn’t it? Here are the residents of Houla in Syria burying their dead after 110 women and children were mercilessly killed by government troops. As I have found over the past year and a half in doing my website, if I look hard enough, I can see the answers to almost any world event through either the horoscope or through the relationships between the planets and the stars. This time on looking at the dates of the 25th/27th May for the latitude for Homs and nearby Hula at 34 degrees North, I was shocked to find the following clues to why this appalling crime happened.

Mars Antares

I am going to focus on just three fixed star relationships but they show the picture exactly. The first is a paran relationship between Mars and Antares, a royal star which is known of the heart of the Scorpion in Scorpio. Here, on 25th May, the day of the massacre, when Mars was rising (hitting the horizon line), Antares was at the nadir of the chart (IC in red). This is a particularly strong connection because in ancient Astrology Mars was the original ruler of Scorpio before Pluto was discovered. When you get forceful Mars rising up combining with the royal star in the constellation of the fearsome Scorpion, the lord of the underworld at the bottom of the sky, then it doesn’t take much imagination that you will expect death and destruction. Bernadette Brady says just this, she quotes this relationship as indicating “life and death events”.

27th May

The second image shows a relationship between the Moon and the fixed star Alphard which is the heart of the Serpent in the constellation of Hydra, both culminating at the Midheaven (MC) at the same moment in the heavens. Alphard is a passionate star, and is often associated with obsession of a goal, with strength and determination, however when there are darker elements involved at the time, then Alphard can be expressed through violent, murderous or chaotic action.  Now we have a relationship with the Moon, the planet which rules women, children, nurturing and the home. Put everything together and you can immediately understand the massacre of the innocent women and children in their own homes, especially as Mars and Antares were hooking up elsewhere in the sky, creating a nasty undercurrent to the overall picture.

Saturn Spica

Now seeing the awful pictures of women and dead children gunned down in cold blood surely would encourage the leaders of the world to act, yet nothing seems to be happening and the calls for the violence to stop falls on deaf ears. Why? Look at Saturn conjunct to the star Spica in the constellation of Virgo. If there is a more gentle and non threatening place in the sky that Saturn could be sitting, then this is surely it, connected to the brightest star in the hand of the goddess of the skies. Authority is calmed here, one carefully considers one’s options and action, if any is taken, is normally measured and controlled in fashion.

The leaders of the world which Saturn represents are holding back because of this conjunction in the skies, and will not act until Saturn moves away from Spica which currently sits at 24 Libra. I can only see two options as they will not want to enter the viper’s nest that is Syria with it’s collection of differing regions and peoples, getting bogged down in another Middle Eastern war if they do. Either they will arm the Syrian people to fight Assad and his forces, or they will wait until Saturn moves out of range of this gentle influence in late August and early September when one assumes they will be forced to act out of sheer desperation to end the bloodshed. By that time how many more innocent people will have been killed?

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