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Symbols of the Season Drawing

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Symbols of the Season DrawingThere are seasonal symbols that work not only for Halloween, but fall and Thanksgiving as well. I’m planning to have students divide their paper into a grid, and draw and color symbols that will proportionally fit each rectangle.1. I find that I tend to divide areas into thirds a lot when I am trying to draw grids. In this case, I will ask students to first draw a border in pencil near the outside edge. If they mark the top line into thirds, they need to draw a vertical line down on their the left on the right mark.
2. Next they will look at the larger rectangle they made, and draw one horizontal line to divide it into thirds. The same is done for the narrower side, with a horizontal line drawn across it somewhere to mark off a third. What is left should be a grid with a large space, two medium, and one smaller square. More or less. It is, after all, still elementary school!
3. You could talk about all the symbols that are out and about for all the seasons coming up. If faces are left off of pumpkins, artwork can easily turn into Thanksgiving art. I drew a few fall items that fit my grid, traced them in black and colored with oil pastels. I’d like to try this idea as a crayon and watercolor resist too.

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