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Sweetest Year – Family Photography Collection

By Lovegetssweeter @LoveGetsSweeter

They Grow So Fast - Natural Newborn Photography

'They grow SO fast', isn't that what they always say?

Being Mum myself I can certainly confirm it's true! Despite her still being so little it feels odd thinking she was as tiny as baby Freiya above. Even Freiya looks so grown up comparing her Newborn film and collection of family photographs they have from her 'Sweetest Year'!

Thankfully we have lots of memories captured from professional photoshoots as well as my own personal family photos (before and after becoming a family photographer and videographer myself).

It suddenly feels very precious to be able to look back at those early years so easily through our printed photos, photobooks and video. They actually get enjoyed, unlike the millions of clips stored on our phones.

I know the value will only increase and those memories will become even more treasured as the years go on...

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