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Survivor, Phillip is INSANE...Modern Family, Suburgatory and Nashville...got a Lot in Last Night!

Posted on the 28 March 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Survivor, Phillip is INSANE...Modern Family, Suburgatory and Nashville...got a lot in last night!

The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: Ian Gomez is married to Nia Varalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. FIRST FIVES:Tara Dowling, Neil Moffatt, Matt Mon, Dana Moscato & Monica Caraffa

Honorable Mention:Dani Jackel

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5  The Voice-NBC 3.9/12.0 NCIS-CBS 3.1/18.0 NCIS LA-CBS 2.6/14.3 Dancing with the Stars-ABC 2.3/13.0 New Girl-FOX 2.2/4.2 Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5 FIFA Copa Mundial-Univision/Multiple Networks 446,254

The Voice-NBC 428,649
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 100,377
New Girl-FOX 52,899
NCIS-CBS 49,655

Tuesday's Cable Top 5 The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.5/.3.3

Tosh.O-Comedy Central 1.5/2.3
World Cup Qualifying-ESPN 1.3/2.3
Hardcore Pawn-Tru 1.3/3.1
The Game-BET 1.2/2.5 
Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
World Cup Qualifying-ESPN 461,456
The Game-BET 201,878
NBA Basketball-TNT 172,943
The Bad Girls Club-Oxygen 97,463
Preachers Daughters-Lifetime 32,977

Phillips antics are getting old at this point. I can't even imagine spending 39 days in camp, with no food, shelter, or escape from him. I would've killed him already. I think Corinne just might.  The fans are smart though, and they know that having the numbers going in to the merge is the best way to do it.  Corinne's got this "thing" for Gay Fan Michael (no offense). Alliances like that are usually trouble for the people in them, so I'd look out if I were either one of them. Corinne's comments are fun and snarky, but that doesn't mean people won't turn against her.  Phillip was really THE reason that his team lost both challenges this week, but they kept him around anyway.  I personally wanted to burst through the TV and scream at him when he had the balls to think that Cochran and all of us could possibly believe that he threw the challenge to go into the merge with more Fans than Favorites.  But then, I had one of those "maybe he actually IS brilliant" moments.  It was JUST a moment though..I still think it would have been way more fun if they did blindside Phillip, but thanks to the Boston Rob School of Survivor, he's still in the game and will live to spout his delusional crap another week. Corinne's quote of the day when referring to Phillip: "You Tubby Lunchbox".  Phillip's quote of the day when referring to Julia "she committed a Foo Paux".  I really gotta think, the producers just want Phillip around for the sport of it. 
Modern Family
While Modern Family was funny (it always is) I literally typed what was going to happen with Jay and Gloria IN ADVANCE of the shows end, showed it to my son as proof, and of course I was right.  Jay took the day to "watch" baby Joe so that Gloria could spend time with Manny at some book reading.  Gloria lied about the book reading being sold out and they went shopping at the mall Instead. Of COURSE Jay had been there, ducked into see Skyfall with baby Joe and when he started crying a friend of Claire's that Jay barely knew took him outside in the exact same location where Manny and Gloria just so happened to be walking.  COME ON GUYS...I'm not even getting paid for my writing ability and I came up with that too.  Actually I'm sure a million other sitcoms did too.  Shame, shame, shame.  That just sort of set me off. Cam and Claire doing the house flipping thing wasn't bad, except that Cam was annoying me with that green scarf around his neck.  I will say that any show that has the smart sense to allow Wendi McClendon Covey to appear does seem to know what it's doing.   Pam the lesbian and Claire really have a bit of chemistry don't cha think? I did love Phil and his Dad, Fred Willard, Skyping to fix the hot water heater. I do hate Lily,  but Mitch playing handball against the bully of the school with Lily in practically every scene was actually funny to me.  Everyone hates a bully...me included!
Seriously ABC...please renew this show.  PLEASE. It's just SO well written.  When Dallas discovered Dahlia's a hoarder she said the best line ever.  Well, maybe not ever, but to me: "This closet is bursting at the seems like a Christina Aguilera dress which is not a comment on her weight but rather on the tightness of her attire".  OMG, ya gotta admit, if you are a loyal reader, then you know that Dallas feels the same way as I do about Xtina! Anyway, to help Dahlia Oprah Royce with her hoarding problem, all Dallas needed to do was hang a picture of a sad looking poor chick who looked like Alan Rickman to inspire Dahlia to clean out her crap.  The good news is...she found that Kangaroo of hers in her closet!  I was wondering what happened to that thing!  Over at the Shaw's, Fred asked Tessa to try and help him fit in  with his younger boss.  (Did anyone notice that Tessa had cut off the sleeve's of Ryan's Varsity jacket?  I'd think he'd be pissed off about that, no?) so he showed up with those earrings that expand your lobes so wide you can stick a hot dog through them.  When the boss wanted to interview him by following him on Twitter, Fred went a little wacky. Net/net he's better at home and Sheila's heading out to the workforce.  Love it!  Lastly was Noah and baby Opus livin large in a hotel. The Mom brigade visited George to get him to step in. They were so focused on their mission that didn't notice he was in his robe. That wouldn't have kept me on task but you know those Moms.  A hot guy in his bathrobe couldn't stop them from their mission. George stepped in and got the job done...like he always does, with and without his robe. 
Nashville was finally back last night.  While I liked it better when Rayna and Juliette were out on tour, I'm happy now that they're home in Nashville for a while.  Every one's sort of a wreck at the moment though.  Deacon has a dog with no name and some sort of problem, so he called the vet who happens to hate country music.  That didn't stop Deacon from sleeping with her in ten seconds flat. Of course instead of lunch, he had to run over to some club to perform with Juliette for 50 fans.  Only problem was that Juliette tweeted the gig out to the world which caused an accident where people got hurt.  One of those people was Rayna's daughter Maddie who lied to her Dad and told him she was at a friends studying.  Of course Rayna blamed him and then let Juliette have it.  Juliette sort of took it to heart and apologized to her Mom's shrink and her Mom and even paid for every one's hospital bills. Now she's got the crazy Mom and the hot shrink coming back on the road with her.  I sense trouble but that'll make good TV of course.  Avery hated his demo after the record guys got through with it so he set the masters on fire, paid the record dudes back and split.  Karma at its finest.  Lets see if his band mates forgive him.  Gunnar's still in a bad way about his brothers death and wants to do something about it, but Scarlett got Uncle Deacon to save the day and they went back to the bedroom to make up for lost time.  While Gunnar was hunting down his bro's killers, he missed "the big audition" so Scarlett sang alone and guess what happened? She got THE RECORD DEAL CALL but of course, they only want her. DUN DUN DUHHHHHH.  Oh...Rayna on Katie Couric...cute cross promotion ABC.  Worked for me and I hate Katie.

-39 Peabody award recipients were announced today.  The Peabody's are given by the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.  The winners were chosen as the best in electronic media in 2012.  While congratulations go to all of the award winners, the only ones relevant to this blogger are:  -Southland-TNT
-Switched at Birth-ABC Family
-Game Change-HBO

- and OY VEY...GIRLS-HBO REALLY??? a Peabody award winner? What am I not getting people? I HATE THIS SHOW SO MUCH
Also receiving a rare individual award...SNL guru, Lorne Michaels.  That one, I'm fine with.

-I can't seem to get away from the word Millenials.  At home, in the press, at work and now a new channel completely targeting these very people is launching in August.  Pivot is geared towards 15-34 year olds who want to change the world.  The network is supposed to sign on beginning 8/1/13 in 40 million homes.  Pivot is part of Participant Media and was founded by the EBay guy, Jeff Skoll.  Participant is behind a lot of great films like "The Help," "Food Inc," "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Lincoln".  Pivot will program around the clock mainly with documentaries, but it's already acquired the best TV series ever, Friday Night Lights as well. They are planning 300 hours of new programming in their first year. Direct TV has already signed on board to carry the channel and you'll also be able, for the first time I think, purchase a broadband only subscription that includes a linear stream of the network and access to the channels on demand content too.  Sounds interesting to me.

-How often do you check your Facebook page on your smartphone? 

  • 14 times a day is AVERAGE!
  • 79% of smartphone users reach for their devices within 15 minutes of waking up 
  • 62% grab their phones the second they wake up (that'd be me!)
  • After email and your browser of choice, Facebook is the third most popular app on the smartphone
  • Peak Facebook time is in the evening before bed 
  • Average time per visit per day spent on Facebook : two minutes and 22 seconds (that's only smartphone time)
  • 46% check Facebook when we're shopping or running errands, 48% at the gym, 47% while prepping for dinner
  • 50% of users check DURING a movie!
If I were Mrs. Moonves, I'd really push Les to bag the upfront now that we all know that CBS already renewed 18 of their current series for next season.  No real surprises really.  Of course there isn't any official announcement on Vegas, Golden Boy, CSI NY or one of my faves, Rules of Engagement, but the bulk of CBS stays the same for next season. So save the Carnegie Hall dough Les! Keep the party...that's a good time and send us all home with the link to watch the pilots and buy Julie a new odd outfit for Big Brother's live shows.  Just a thought!
I don't watch Psych, but congrats to them for their 100th episode last night. That means syndication right? KaCHING!

Thursday's Trivia Question: Dule Hill stars in Psych...He was on a pretty major NBC drama for a while. Name the show and name his character.  WWTM-Kristy

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