Survival Game Highrisers Traps You In a Skyscraper Full Of

Posted on the 08 April 2021 by Thiruvenkatam Chinnagounder @tipsclear

A new addition to the survival RPG genre, Highrise tasks players with scavenging skyscrapers while fighting off the zombified remains of humanity.

Developer Solar Powered Games and publisher Assemble Entertainment are showing off their new survival RPG, Highrisers. Highrisers takes place after the collapse of society due to a mysterious disease that mutated most of the population and left the rest to survive on the scattered rooftops of their city's remains. While Highrisers is the first official title developed by Solar Powered Games, publisher Assemble Entertainment is best known for titles such as Leisure Suit Larry and, most recently, Endzone - A World Apart.

In Highrisers, players will control one of four survivors, exploring and scavenging through procedurally generated skyscrapers in search of parts to repair a helicopter and escape the mutant-riddled wasteland. In this world, survivors have been forced to live on the upper floors of the city skyline as the streets below are flooded with Dreamers, the mutated remains of humanity that thrive in darkness, prowling the lower levels of the skyscrapers that litter the city. Each of the four survivors brings their own unique skillset to the table, offering players a range of playstyles to choose from with each survivor possessing a different skill tree and abilities to help them survive the horrors lurking below.

The trailer features an 8-bit art style and character selector screen that harkens back to older games like Street Fighter, but the gameplay shown has far more complexity than the arcade games it looks like. Featuring a deep crafting system, unique characters with diverse playstyles, and procedurally generated levels, there are countless ways to play the game, offering a high replay value to players whether they successfully escape or succumb to the mutant horde.

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Highrisers will be available on PC on May 6, 2021.

Source: Assemble Entertainment

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