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Survey Infograph : Most Popular Sport : Soccer is the Most Popular Sport in the World Followed by Cricket, Basketball and Baseball..

By Ankur Upadhyay
Everone like sports... But have you ever think which is the most popular sport in this world..??
If you have or even if you haven't, this infograph is for you..
In this infograph, we will take a look at the most popular sports in the world and where are they played, how much fan base they have and even take a look at their comperative analysis..

Most Popular Sport

Which is most popular among them??

Most popular sports and where they are played :

Most popular sports in the world

Most popular sports in the world

Most Popular Sports In the world | Create infographics
Which is your favorite sport?? Please share your views...

Four Most Popular sports and where are they played 1. Soccer | Create infographics

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