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Survey: About Two-Thirds Of American Millionaires Say “Raise My Taxes.”

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

A recent CNBC survey of millionaires reveals that nearly two-thirds of American millionaires believe their taxes should be increased to help wealth inequality problems.

3 Talking Points We Predict The Tea Party Will Raise In Response To This On Cable News

1. “Well I don’t know about that survey, but a recent survey of 100 people on Family Feud indicated that ‘Green’ is the most popular color. And why do you think that is? Green is the color of money, and people are fed up with the government taking their money and using it to subsidize so-called “Green Energy.”

2. “That’s just the two-thirds of millionaires who are the Hollywood elite, who never worked hard to achieve the American dream… other than years waiting tables at restaurants; numerous acting classes; countless auditions; and getting up at 5 a.m. to make movies. What do they really know about starting with nothing and becoming self-made business people, and by “business people” I am excluding any of them with elitist clothing lines or restaurants, too.”

3. “Well, we weren’t elected to do what two-thirds of any group wants. We, like members of all political parties, look forward to reelection. See you at the victory speech in November when all incumbents win!”

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