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Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

SUPERBOWL, DALLAS, THE AMERICANS & HOUSE OF CARDS...what a fun weekend I had! The answer to Friday's 3 Part Super Bowl Trivia Question: The 3 people that APPEARED in the Super Bowl as a player, an assistant coach and a coach were: Dan Reeves, Mike Ditka and Tom Flores
FIRST FIVES: Only two people got all 3...Monica Caraffa & Jim Carter.  Alex Nagler was the first in with 2 correct, then Chris Kirschner, and finally Mike Pierro Honorable Mention: Justin Jones
Thursday's Broadcast Top 5 The Big Bang Theory-CBS 5.3/17.5

American Idol-FOX 4.5/13.7
Two and a Half Men-CBS 3.9/13.7
Person of Interest-CBS 3.2/15.6
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 2.8/8.7 Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5 Grey's Anatomy ABC-889,245
American Idol-FOX 222,736
Scandal-ABC 219,189
The Vampire Diaries-CW 184,845
Glee-FOX 171,673 Thursday's Cable Top 5 Buckwild-MTV 1.4/2.5
The Big Bang-TBS 1.3/2.8
Archer-FX 1.0/1.5
Suits-USA 1.0/3.3
American Dad-Adult Swim-1.0/2.1

Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5 Buckwild-MTV 142,113

NBA-TNT 118,544
NBA-TNT 84,140
Piers Morgan-CNN 51,079
Beyond Scared Straight-A&E 40,415

Friday's Broadcast Top 5 Undercover Boss-CBS 1.9/9.8

Shark Tank-ABC 1.9/6.6
Blue Bloods-CBS 1.5/11.4
CSI:NY-CBS 1.5/10.3
20/20-ABC 1.5/5.0
Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
NAACP Image Awards-NBC 79,752
Shark Tank-ABC 34,633
Blue Bloods-CBS 28,993
Undercover Boss-CBS 28,465
CSI:NY-CBS 25,397 Friday's Cable Top 5 NA

Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

NBA Basketball-ESPN 279,664
NBA Basketball-ESPN 102,379
WWE Smackdown-Syfy 60,083
Spartacus-Starz 18,593
Piers Morgan-CNN 14,521

Super Bowl  Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for their very exciting Super Bowl win last night! There were a lot of stories, a lot of commercials, and Beyonce's Half Time show, but for me, the biggest story of the night was the 1/2 hour blackout AFTER Beyonce's performance.  I can only imagine what was going on behind the scenes in the stadium during that insanity. We all seemed to manage and I personally think that PBS may have "tripped" over a plug somewhere in the building, because the blackout was very well timed for the start of Downton Abbey.  It allowed a few of us at the Super Bowl party I was at, to watch the first half of the show.  I went back to the game after Lady Mary let the family know that Lady Sybil would have wanted Baby Sybil to be a Catholic, like her Daddy and I did get to see Cora telling Robert to continue to sleep elsewhere, so I have to find out what happened after that.

The party I was at had a ton of very loud kids, so to be honest it was hard to really concentrate on the commercials but I have to give credit to the Oreo people.  No idea how they got it all done SO fast, but I follow them on Twitter (My son LOVES Oreo's) and within a few minutes of the lights going out at the game, there was this tweet:

Truly brilliant and just goes to show how things are changing.  It's truly a whole new world.

For those of you who want to rewatch or just catch up on all of the commercials, you can see them on AdAge's website and I'm sure a ton of other places as well, but here's a link to AdAge just in case you need it.

Of course we were also in and out of Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet throughout the day, but mainly prior to the start of the game. We even watched the live stream pre-game lockeroom coverage! We were rooting for Chestnut the Golden Retriever, but I believe it was Marta with a big run into the end zone in the first half that got her the MVP of the game. Congrats Marta!

I am curious...what was YOUR favorite commercial?  I loved the Clydesdale one, the Audi one, Volkswagen and Taco Bell.  There were a bunch of good ones.  Anyway, let me know which was your favorite!

As more Super Bowl numbers and information are released, I will absolutely get it out there as soon as I can...not sure if that means a special report yet, but it's coming...I promise.

Prior to the Super Bowl, I watched a A LOT of other "stuff".  Everything I watched was SO good, SO juicy and SO addictive.

-The first second I had over the weekend, I plopped myself down and watched The Americans.  I knew it was going to be good, I just knew it.  The 80's was my decade.  I wore those Guess jeans, I had friends with that Camaro Z28, and I hate to admit it, but I knew every word to Juice Newton's "Playing with the Queen of Hearts". So the fact that this spy drama takes place in my decade makes it that much better.  Add in a little Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys and I was hooked.  Keri and Matthew play Elizabeth and Phil Jennings who are KGB.  They were paired up in the early 60's to live as Americans outside of Washington DC.  When the show starts they are on a mission to deliver a Russian traitor but when one of their comrades gets injured they miss the trade off and get stuck with him.  So they take him to their beautiful suburban neighborhood and lock him in the trunk of their car. The FBI has put together a team that includes John Boy Walton and the very familiar looking Noah Emmerich as Stan, who is, coincidentally the Jennings new neighbor.  I'm not sure about Elizabeth yet.  Was she icy and distant because she's Russian, because the guy in the trunk raped her many years ago, or because that's just her? Both Elizabeth and Phil can kick some ass.  Liz beat the crap out of the trunk dude rapist before Phil killed him which he did once he realized what he had done to his wife.  Then Phil put on a groovy disguise and went to beat the crap out of this creepy guy from the mall who had hit on his daughter earlier in the episode.   After beating the guy pretty good, he finished him off with a BBQ fork...classic. After they beat up, burned and dumped trunk guy, Elizabeth and Phil had sex in the car which looked very uncomfortable as Elizabeth's head was getting pounded against the car door.  There's so much more to this show and it looks like it's just going to get better and better. I gave it a season pass and can't wait til Wednesday.  It's also good to have Felicity back in my life. 

-Okay, I caved, I just couldn't NOT be in on it, I sucked it up and reactivate my Netflix account. You guys can let me have it, I deserve to be made fun of, but I couldn't let House of Cards come and go and me not be in on it. I tried to resist, but...well...I have no willpower, I am a self proclaimed content addict, regardless of the platform, I JUST HAD TO WATCH.  SO...was it worth it?  YES...it is.   I got sucked RIGHT in and watched 8 episodes of the 13 episode season.  Reporting on this one is a bit tricky since all 13 episodes (nope, no commercials) are available and I don't want to ruin any plot points for anyone, so here's what I will tell you.  This is probably one of the best shows of the year.  The premise is that a new President has taken office and has reneged on his promise to name Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) the current  majority whip, Secretary of State. Frank is extremely pissed and goes into revenge mode almost instantly. Spacey is amazing in this role and is guaranteed to get an Emmy nomination, which will make these alternative content distribution channels, game changing. Frank talks to the camera every once in a while, which I kind of like.  Robin Wright (no longer Penn) blew me away with her complexity as Frank's wife, Claire. Claire is actually even more interesting than her husband  if that's even possible, and Kate Mara (Rooney's sister) as Zoe Barnes, Frank's "reporter with benefits" is mesmerizing.  The entire show is riveting and gives all of us West Wing fans something special to fill the void we were left with.  It's Washington politics that even a non politico like me can understand and get lost in.  You gotta see it, but the ONLY place you can see it is on Netflix.  I can't believe it but...thumbs up Netflix...you got me.


Finally my husband and I were in the same room long enough to finally catch up on our guilty pleasure, Dallas.  It's back and it's back BIG!  Larry Hagman and his crazy eyebrows, finished the 2nd season before he died, so he's still around and prepping his TV son, JohnRoss for double bad assness. Happy to report that Jordana Brewster got rid of her bangs, even though Michelle Obama has now made bangs popular.  Unfortunately during hiatus, Rebecca/Pamela didn't see a good plastic surgeon for that scar on her forehead.  Good news...I can still refer to her as Scarface.  Okay so here's where we are: Sue Ellen didn't win the Governors race because at the last second, her nemesis leaked how she bribed the coroner, Christopher got Ricky Rudd (yes the real one) to drive his Methane Ewing race car to help get people to start thinking about something other than oil. We found out that Harlin and Angela Bauer from Who's the Boss stole Annie's daughter when she was a baby and has been raising her in secret in London for her whole life. Oddly enough, she doesn't have a British accent.  Scarface revealed her identity to the Ewings and they blew a gasket.  Christopher took her to court for an annulment, so he could marry Elena but the judge didn't rule in his favor. JohnRoss agree to give Elena an equal share of the company since she found a way to help Christopher and him get what they both wanted and then slept with Scarface.  Funny, shares of Ewing oil change hands faster than the flu virus.  There isn't one trustworthy person in the bunch in this family and I love that about them.  


-There was never a doubt in my mind that NCIS wouldn't get renewed.  17 million people a week watch that show.  Sure most of them are 55+ but its still a HUGE loyal audience that watches the show live and doesn't time shift it at all. How many shows can you say that about these days?  Did you know that Mark Harmon is 62 years old and has been married to Mindy from Mork and Mindy for 26 years? I had no idea.

-NBC's new show Do No Harm didn't do much of anything on Thursday night.  It only delivered a .9 RA18-49...I wouldn't get to attached to that one guys.

-On Friday morning when I checked Amazon Prime, I learned that Amazon and NOT Netflix has the exclusive streaming rights for Season 3 of one of my favorite shows, Downton Abbey. Yeah!  You go Amazon!  What 's really interesting is that if you buy a TV pass for the program, you would get the last 3 episodes that have yet to air (yes there are only 3 episodes left!) immediately.  So if any of you just can't wait...feel free...just don't tell me what's going to happen.  I'm going to watch it slowly and prolong the end of the season as long as I can.

Monday's Trivia Question: Name the two celebrities in Samsung's "Next Big Thing" spot that ran during the Super Bowl last night. WWTM-Kristy http://watchingwaytoomuch.com kristy@watchingwaytoomuch.com kristy.carruba@watchingwaytoomuch.com

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