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Sundays on the Beach Are a Novelty. It's Always Nice to Take Time off from Everything and "de-stress" Yourself.

By Kina_lillet
While winter's chilling climate has settled in over other northern countries, here in The Bahamas the cold has yet to take it's toll. Last week seemed the perfect time to visit one of the local beaches here in Freeport, and Taryn, Francine and I were more that happy to spend our afternoon there.
The beaches here are truly a gift. There's really no substitute for this natural stress reliever. The big city and countryside have their perks as well, but there's no beating this imoo.
I remember growing up, when my family and I would go to the beach, the adults seldom needed to worry about one of us drowning or being carried out to sea because of the low tide that stretched out a few hundred yards. Still, we still weren't allowed to go in the water without a partner, we could only go so far out, and (this one's my favorite) we had to wait forty minutes after eating before we went swimming.
Now, the beach, and all its wonders, is ours. Free to enjoy, resriction-free. , 
MeanwhileWhat a lovely dress
Pretty refrigerators! (Thanks to Joanna G. at A CUP OF JO for the link)
And who doesn't like gnomes?

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