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Sunday Service... Sanya, China: Loving Tianya Town!

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

Cutting loose from my China Highlights tour programme on Hainan Island felt like a blessing, I was finally ready to enjoy my final five days of that holiday without any guidance whatsoever. I had booked a room in a guesthouse near Sanya Phoenix International Airport also with Sanya's city center nearby. 天涯小镇 saw me escape the madness, serving 'Holiday Realness!' And relax! 

Sunday Service... Sanya, China: Loving Tianya Town!

Tipping my driver was essential, he had put up with me for the last five days and for that he deserved a nice 'thank you' for his trouble. Bidding him a fond farewell, I dragged my case through the small streets within that almost 'gated community'. It was great that no cars were allowed to drive down those smaller looking roads, only electric bikes and the odd smaller wheeled vehicle. I felt as if I had been transported to an actual village, well I had and that was it! I had been able to book a super cheap homestay for my five night stay in Sanya's Tianya Xiao Zhen (Tianya Town). Choosing the 'Yuansu Homestay' made sense to me, it was easy to find and for a cut-price I was able to walk to the beach within seconds. I didn't need a direct sea view because I was clever to stay a street back from the beachfront, that was a wise decision. Checking-in was something of a game, it was an amusing game for once because the owner didn't know how to register my passport on her computer system. Everybody had a good laugh!

That 'Sunday Service' blessed me in every way, my check-in was stress free and my room was perfectly formed. The double bed felt soft, I already knew that I would be sleeping soundly as soon as I saw it! The room itself was decorated with a fresh white design, I knew that I wouldn't be spending much time in there but it was nice to know that I wouldn't have any issues at all. That 'Seventh Day' moment served peace, it wasn't a problem that breakfast wasn't included because I would later find a bowl of noodles in the adjoining kitchen the next day. In hindsight I appreciated that final property even more because it did what it said on the tin, the photos truly represented the actual property in the light of day. Hands down, Yuansu Homestay suited me just fine! It didn't take long for me to drop my bag, then change into my swimming shorts! I felt as if a sense of chill had washed all over me, there would be no speaking to the manager because I had officially entered 'My Beach Town Era!' T, I was in the right place to work on my suntan! 

Sunday Service... Sanya, China: Loving Tianya Town!

I had already noticed that local people within Tianya Town spoke a very different dialect and lived in houses that intrigued me. Their accents and words didn't sound like the usual Mainland China tone, something told me a certain journey had been made once upon a time? Yes, I was sure of that! I loved those village like houses, their design allowed me to see into people's lives without being intrusive. Those first few hours allowed me to respectfully take a peek into the locals lives, I loved the way those houses resembled something new for me to witness. I loved the wide open raised verandas, I did my best to be respectfully nosy because I found it awfully interesting to see how these Hainanese people lived their lives. The whole vibe had me onto something different, I finally felt at peace as I walked amongst those checkerboard streets. It was almost like I had been transported to a South East Asian village with a completely different style and way of life going on. Oh, I didn't need to think about the next move, truly I could fully relax!

Interwoven between those alley ways, I was able to see almost a different culture during that Sunday and into the week. Leaving those darling everyday sights of Tianya Town life, I turned my hotel experience up to maximum! Ordering lunch my the sea had to be done, I chose one of the beachfront restaurants without a seconds thought! Negroni was still my bestie, ordering one of those as the blue sea stared right back at me was a whole mood, indeed! I ordered the seafood pasta that was served in a creamy sauce, I wolfed that down and polished off my mixed drink in an equal fashion. Of course, I dipped back into 'town' life because I was so intrigued, people were just living their lives. I dragged my heels, I wanted to appreciate the low level houses, it was great to be surrounded by low buildings with the sky being the only upward view for miles! My 'Sunday Service' was progressing famously, I felt as if Hainan's previous shenanigans didn't matter anymore. A soft serve ice cream in a wafer cone? I had to have one! Cute guy alert! Yes! 

Sunday Service... Sanya, China: Loving Tianya Town!

Those Sunday settings just kept on getting better, I found myself walking down a set of stairs that led to the beach but I deviated when I saw a bar with a birds-eye view of the beach. I would get down to the beach during the following day but I fancied a beer with a view, ordering six bottles of Panda Beer had to be done! As I sipped on my beers it was like everything had fallen into place. The sky was so blue, the sand shone with a golden glimmer and sun sizzled my already sun-kissed skin. I people watched, I enjoyed my drink and better still I appreciated the ocean blue that stood before me. That part of Sanya had been chosen for a reason, I firmly believe that Sunday flicked a switch because nothing else mattered. I found it quite amusing to witness people taking their artsy photos, I for one didn't care about photos unless they were of the beach and the immediate area that surrounded my homestay accommodation. I couldn't have asked for better weather, it was honestly heaven sent! Another round or to make a move? 

My memory gets hazy but I reckon I ordered another six beers before I decided to eat something substantial. I was lucky enough to see the sunset, leading up to the sunset it was a treat to witness the clouds sweep past. With a front row view of the sky, I was able to see the sun slowly set without any interruptions. Did anyone mention karaoke? Tianya Town really didn't need to tempt me with a good time because I was already having the time of my life! I butchered two songs on the mic, if truth be told the guy who was singing got pretty sick of me but I couldn't help that people were cheering for me! Cheering for the guy to come back to the mic more like? Yes! Managing to get some BBQ skewers from that same place as the beach had been put under a blanket of darkness, I called it a night because it was time to sleep the day off. That 'Sunday Service' had been an absolute treat, sweeter than chocolate it was immense to be near the ocean blue with that village like town in my life. Sure, Sanya had more in-store for me! 谢谢, 天涯小镇! 

A Sensational Sunday! 

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