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Sunday’s Inspiration: So What Do You Do For a Living?

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair

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Don’t Stop Living – travelling to places like this (Sumela in Turkey). This is what I’m doing for a “living”.

I’m living now. I’m alive. Of that I’m sure. Life is for living and I’m happy that I’m living. But this week while backpacking in East Timor I was asked by three people (1young girl, 1 young guy, 1older guy) that annoying question “What do you do?” or the variant “what do you do for a living?” I hate the question but I don’t like to be rude so i answered it honestly each time. I love to travel so generally that’s “what I do for a living”. In living I love to travel. Travel isn’t specific enough for some people so I had to provide more information. I told them I also love to watch football. I love to go down the pub. I love to relax with my girlfriend. Those are the main things I do for a living. I didn’t mention sleeping, eating, working and drinking. Those 4 are generally a given for most humans on planet earth. Travel, football, Panny Yu and my mates/family are pretty much what I do on this planet. I have a passion for those things.

I was glad I answered the question honestly and properly. However someone at the table during the conversation said that they were an architect. Another said they work in IT!!! For a living??? Yes and these guys were deadly serious. They were also proud of their answers. However it turned out that neither of these guys actually particularly liked their jobs. They did those jobs just to earn some money to travel. So why did they not say they love to go diving, surfing and travelling for a living??? Life and living should not be about work. Nor should your job be the priority. Living is the priority. Life is the priority. Am I right? Or am I the crazy one?

Relaxing in Bali with a Bintang Beer this week.

Relaxing in Bali with a Bintang Beer this week.

As I sipped on a cold Bintang in the East Timor heat I turned myself the other way in disbelief. I’m still baffled. Who actually really believes your employment/current job is what you do? Seriously. If people asked me “so what do you work as?” then I’ll gladly answer it with “Most of my life I’ve worked as a barman. Aside from that I have also worked on ferries, in a bank, in schools, on farms etc. Why do you ask?

But the question was “what do you do?”

I travel the world.
I watch football.
I spend time with my girlfriend.
I spend time with my family.
I go on Facebook.
I write about and research travel destinations.
I listen to music.

And while doing all of those, I try to ensure that I don’t stop living.

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