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Sunday Night Football Theme Song: Carrie Underwood Vs. Faith Hill

Posted on the 12 September 2013 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012

Carrie UnderwoodThis past Sunday, country superstar Carrie Underwood premiered the new, “revamped” Sunday Night Football theme song for the NBC network.  Underwood took over the duties this year after Faith Hill has sung the theme song for many years.  While many thought it was an admirable entry, many loyal SNF (Sunday Night Football) fans are demanding Faith Hill be brought back to sing the theme song.  They think Underwood’s performance was sub par. 

Here is Underwood’s performance:

In contrast, this is Faith Hill’s performance in prior years:

Personally, I prefer Hill’s performance.  I was pretty disappointed with Carrie’s rendition.  Carrie Underwood is my second favorite, former American Idol contestant (Kelly Clarkson is by far my favorite!).  I expected the rendition to sound better.  Maybe my displeasure stems from my traditionalist nature.

Hill’s performance actually got me revved up for the game.  Sadly Underwood’s performance left me unenthusiastic.  I don’t necessarily think choosing Underwood was a bad decision.  Sometimes change can be good.

I should mention that Carrie discussed how the rendition was changed up a bit because she didn’t want her performance to sound too similar to Faith’s rendition.  She didn’t want people to think “Oh hey they are just placing some new blonde to sing the song.”  I guess I can respect her decision.  Likewise, my opinion that the rendition lacked some intangible should also be respected.

What do you think?

Which rendition do you prefer?

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