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Suits, Big Brother, Love at First Kiss & More Font Trouble

Posted on the 08 September 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
Trivia Answer: Colt Seavers was the main dude in The Fall Guy. An oldie but a very goody!

First Fives: Mike O'Dea, Neil Moffatt, Bobby Aguilera, Rich Carruba & Eric Schwartz

Honorable Mention: Chuck Chiocco

Monday's Top 5 Broadcast Ratings
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.6/5.8
Bachelor in Paradise-ABC 1.4/4.9
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.0/5.1
Running Wild with Bear Grylls-NBC 1.0/3.2
2 Broke Girls-CBS .8/3.8
Monday's Top 5 Cable Ratings
College Football-ESPN 3.0/8.3
WWE-USA 1.2/3.3
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 1.1/2.2
WWE-USA 1.0/2.8
Real Housewives of the OC-Bravo .8/2.0
Monday's Top 5 Social Rankings
The Haves and Have Nots-OWN 344,000 Interactions
Queen Sugar-OWN 209,000 Interactions
Atlanta-FX 196,000 Interactions
WWE Smackdown-USA 178,000 Interactions
America's Got Talent-NBC 146,000 Interactions
Suits  The entire Summer season of Suits was all about getting out and staying in. Harvey getting Mike out of Prison, Mike getting Kevin out of prison, Cahill getting Mike out and making Mike stay. Harvey and Mike keeping Frank in prison and getting Sutter sent to prison. Rachel and Jessica were trying to get Leonard Bailey off death row. Did everyone forget that the firm was in ruins and had lost all of its clients? None of our Pearson Spector Litt buddies seemed worried about cutting back on expenses. Louis not only got Donna to mud with him, he actually wanted to spring for more mud time. Let's face it, upscale mudding's got to be pretty pricey. So where did we net out? Mike's out, Kevin's out, Frank's in and Leonard's on the bubble. Harvey didn't have to let his driver go and Louis actually got the girl. Mike was able to practice law from prison even though everyone knew he wasn't really a real lawyer. Not sure I understood any of that but okay, I went with it. No idea where Mike goes from here. Sure he and Rachel will spend some time snuggling in the apartment they didn't have to downsize and then what? Guess we'll have to wait a while to see how this all plays out. I'd really like Harvey to find love. Whether it's with Donna or someone else, I really need the show to wrap up soon. I'm ready. Are you?
Bigggggg Brother
  • Snoutlet and Cory make me sick
  • Snoutlet's crying in the diary room was a really ugly cry
  • Paul and his beard have Natalie's number DOWN. She's playing the ditzy dumb brunette really well. Unfortunately a little too late.
  • Macgyver plug, Macgyver plug. Name the actor who played the ORIGINAL Macgyver!!! BONUS POINTS PEOPLE
  • Does Natalie know the definition of Soul Mate?
  • Really enjoyed the Macgyvery challenge
  • Amazed Natalie figured out the challenge so quickly, see, she's really NOT a ditzy brunette, Paul was right! 
  • Snoutlet doesn't know what mechanics are? Isn't she a nurse? Pretty scary that she doesn't know that but she handles the lives of human beings for a living. 
  • BUMMMMMMER...Cory won the Veto from Natalie
  • I hate the final four alliance...
  • Natalie just laid out her "Soul Mate," James. proof positive she doesn't know what a Soul Mate is
  • It's GOTTA hurt to have your nipple tattooed
  • Shameless Macgyver plug during the Veto ceremony. Did James get paid for that one? 
  • Of course Cory didn't use the Veto so who will go home tomorrow??? James or Natalie.
  • My money's on Natalie 
  • I feel really bad for James...Natalie just totally jumped ship, blamed him for everything and broke his heart. Not cool Nat  

  • Love at First Kiss
    Is anyone out there watching this insanity? Yes, I know, I'm out of my mind and still watching this ridiculous show. I guess I just can't get over how truly screwed UP people are I think I'm pretty good at telling if both parties enjoyed their kiss, but the kissees aren't good at sizing up the strangers lips at all. I can't believe how many of these idiots not only think the kiss was amazing, but that they may have just kissed THE ONE. The love of their life. Then we see the love of their life walk out the side door and into the parking lot. It's really pathetic sometimes. This is another show that needs a clock added to it. Seeing these freaks waiting for their dates on street corners for what seems like hours is really a waste of my timeThe Fall season really can't come soon enough. I need to move on from this train wreck and into something else. I was told to check out Atlanta on FX and Queen Sugar on OWN. Anyone on those yet? Of course...I should focus on finishing up Season 2 of Narcos rather than this piece of crap but that wasn't happening last night for some reason. What is wrong with me? 
-Tyrant's DONE. Last night was the last episode ever. Another series finale nobody knew ws coming. I really do like this new strategy. I begged for the show to be cancelled midway through Season 2 which totally stunk. Guess someone got the message. Buh bye Barry!
-Sad about Tyrant? Don't be...good news...Bachelor in Paradise was renewed! 
-Bridget Jones Baby. Is there ANYONE in the universe that hasn't seen the commercial for this movie? How much do you think the advertising budget for this thing was? I feel like I've been seeing the commercials for months. I'm also pretty sure that I know the entire movie with the exception of who the baby daddy really is just from the commercial. Patrick Dempsey or Colin Firth?  My bet is that we never find out the truth just like in The Night Of. I'm not going to see it, will someone let me know if I'm right? 
-Kelly Ripa teased all of us losers about a biiiiiig annoucement today. Key word TEASE. No big co-host reveal. Not yet. First they're stringing us all along, probably through Sweeps with a big viewer co-host contest that I would TOTALLY enter if I didn't have a day job. Man would I love a crack at that gig. Morris Chestnut's been on the past 2 days and he's been pretty good. Next week, Busy Philips, Jussie Smollett, Mark Consuelos and Chris Pratt will all take turns in the co-host chair. I'm really hoping that Mark's new show on FOX called The Pitch, is a hit, but if it isn't, he's always good in the co-host chair, it just may not good for the dinner table. 
Tuesday's Trivia Question: Gillian Anderson...aka Dana Skully from the X-Files and Jamie Dornan...aka Christian Gray from 50 Shades both star in this BBC Drama.

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