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Suffering From Infertility? How to Deal With Emotional Pain

By Momatlast @momatlast

Although there are many life conditions and circumstances which can cause intense emotional pain, discovering that one is infertile can be particularly problematic. In addition to feeling as if you and your body are a failure, experiencing infertility can make you feel as if you have failed your partner with whom you are trying to conceive. Despite the fact that being infertile can cause a great deal of emotional pain, there are many things that you can do to heal and move on with new life.

Suffering From Infertility How to Deal With Emotional Pain
Recognize That Your Feelings Are Legitimate

Oftentimes, we as people have a tendency to let others determine whether our emotions are valid or not. Cultural values and the opinions of other individuals can inform whether or not we think we have the right to feel a certain way about life circumstances. We may begin to believe that experiencing a deep sense of pain about something such as infertility, is being over-dramatic, or not having realistic expectations about life. When you feel upset with your circumstances make sure to take stock of how you feel and try not to let others convince you your emotions are unworthy of the situation.

Talk To Someone You Trust

Many psychologists and counseling experts will agree, gaining sympathy and/or empathy from other individuals can play an integral role in the healing process. As innately social creatures, humans are designed to exist in relationships with others. Because this is the case, connecting with another individual with whom you feel you can be open and honest, can help you cope with the pain of your struggle to conceive. Holding it all inside will only precipitate an emotional implosion which can cause you psychological and physical damage.

Find Other Options

When you feel ready, one way to deal with the emotional pain of infertility is to carefully consider alternative methods of conception. One such method, artificial insemination, has been effective for many couples, and could work for you. It might be advantageous for you to consider researching the sperm donation services of a California cryobank to see what kind of planning and treatments they offer. Look at all the disadvantages and advantages of adoption, insemination or surrogates that could help you find the right path for your family.

Although infertility can be an experience that engenders a deep sense of emotional pain, there are numerous things you can do to cope with this pain. Don’t become bogged down by the societal constraints we bind ourselves with. By following the strategies outlined above, you will likely find yourself feeling better, and you’ll be able to continue living a productive, positive life.

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Suffering From Infertility How to Deal With Emotional Pain

Suffering From Infertility How to Deal With Emotional Pain

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