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Style Hacks to Spruce Up Your Online Dating Photos

By Attireclub @attireclub

Style Hacks to Spruce Up Your Online Dating PhotosThe phrase "dress to impress" has taken on a different meaning in the days of online dating. Whereas in the past, the goal used to be to catch someone's eye from across the bar, the trick now is to earn a click from someone scrolling down a seemingly endless page of dating profiles. Oddly enough, today, apps like Instagram and even Facebook are used by many as dating apps, even though this is not their primary expressed purpose.

It's no secret that online dating has changed the way we interact with potential partners. Instead of witty banter in the bar, many people chose to do their flirting through messaging apps. Instead of using body language to communicate our interest, a lot of people settle for likes and emojis.

But some things never change, and presenting our best physical selves is just as important online as it is in person. The difference, however, is adapting to the static format of photos, which can be a challenge but also an advantage once you learn how to optimize it. So before you grab your phone for a quick selfie, consider these ways of making personal style work for you online.

Let's be honest - those nice Italian shoes are going to be of little help in a photo of you from the waist up. It's important to think about what others will be seeing in the frame of your shot, and to optimize accessories that will stand out and draw in the eye.

If you're using a full-body photo - say, of you and your friends at the club; then, by all means, show off your nicest shoes and Japanese selvedge denim. But for closer range shots, think about wristwatches, ties, and other accessories that will pop off the screen and convey the image you're aiming for, whether it's sophisticated, sexual, or ruggedly casual.

Style Hacks to Spruce Up Your Online Dating Photos
The background of your online dating photo can tell just as much of a story as the foreground. A plain white wall is hardly an enticing backdrop.

So while it's important to present yourself with a great smile and well-groomed beard, it's equally important to consider what's happening behind you. When considering the backdrop to where your photos are taken, there are two elements to keep in mind: the story it tells about you, and the way it physically compliments your features.

Consider decor, color, and other elements as accessories that can give your photo a bump. Dark lighting, when used right, can be romantic, but it's difficult to find the balance between sultry and creepy or out of focus. Neon lighting can be lively or tacky. Bookcases, antiques, artwork, and even food can add eye-catching elements to your photo as well as convey key components of your personality without words.

So yes, pay attention to your hair and smile. But don't overlook the background of your photo. Find what colors work best with your face, make sure the lighting is good, and pay attention to the life happening in the background of your photos-because others will.

The person across the bar may not be able to see the fine grain leather strap of your wristwatch, but the person looking at your dating photo will. One advantage of online dating photos is that they give us a chance to let the small things shine.

This is a good thing to keep in mind when taking photos for your online dating profile. Think about the small, fine details in your accessories and wardrobe that look great from close up, and accentuate them.

With menswear brands putting more and more attention on craftwork and detail, it's a good time to take advantage of any bespoke, handmade, or designer accessories you have in your closet. This is their time to shine. Examples could be the detail in a nice wristwatch, the patterns on a pocket square, or the fine weaves in a sport coat.

Photos are the perfect format for capturing the details. Use that to your advantage. Think micro. Let the world see how you appreciate the smaller, finer things in life.

The usual modes of finding dates have given way to the virtual world. Bars are no longer the primary places to meet people, as the usual hangouts and traditional matchmakers have widely been replaced by dating sites and apps.

That doesn't mean it's time to get lazy, though - just the opposite. First impressions are being made through photos, and by using the photo format to accentuate your personal style, you can attract plenty of eyes and messages.

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