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Study: Males and Females Differ in How They Rate the Attractiveness of the Opposite Sex

Posted on the 04 October 2015 by Calvinthedog

Male and female attractiveness ratings by gender from an OK Cupid study.

The OK Cupid survey showed that 80% of the women were chasing the best 20% of the men, leaving only 20% of women (the bottom 20%?) for the remaining cockfest of 80% of the males to fight over, where there is 1 woman for every 4 men, and statistically, 3 men are likely to lose out. By these statistics, 60% of the men on OK Cupid are doomed.

Beatrix stated that if 80% of the women were chasing the best 20% of the men on OK Cupid and ignoring the bottom 80% of men, then probably 90% of the men were chasing 10% of the women on the site and ignoring the other 90% of women.

However, based on attractiveness ratings, this does not seem to be the case. As you can see below, women are far pickier about men than men are about women. Men don’t seem to be very picky at all. If you talk to single women aged 35-50, they will tell you, “Men will fuck anything. Sad but true.” I have been told that by 3 separate women so far, ages 35, 44, and 50. So it seems to be a common belief at least among women of that age. Of course, many of us men have known this forever. A lot of men will screw just about anything that moves and probably a lot of things that don’t move. Even males with a heterosexual sexual orientation can be quite indiscriminate in who they have sex with. Heterosexually oriented males are known to have sex with men, teenage girls, little girls, old women, animals, and God knows what else.They will even screw inanimate objects like fleshlights. Hell, a man would probably have sex with a hole in a wall if he could figure out how to do it.

I once saw a very weird video of a man having sex with a melon. Of course the melon had a hole cut in it. The Arabs supposedly have a saying, A woman is ok, a man is better, but a melon is divine. But that may be a joke.

I guess they are just looking for a place to stick it. A pole needs a hole.

However, human females are much choosier, mirroring the behavior of non-human female animals who are often quite choosy in picking their mates and choosing out the mates that seem better than the competition. If non-human female animals act this way, why should we expect human female animals (because humans are simply animals at the end of the day) to be any different?

How males rate females on OK Cupid. Explanation of
chart: For instance, the first statistic shows that
males on OK Cupid rated 6% of the women on the site
as anywhere from a 1 to a 2.3 on an attractiveness 
scale. Everything else follows from there. As you 
can see, women are far pickier about looks than men 
1-2.3   6%
2.3-3.6 16%
3.6-4.9 18%
4.9-6.2 20%
6.2-7.5 19%
7.5-8.8 15%
8.8-10  6%

1-2.3   27%
2.3-3.6 31%
3.6-4.9 23%
4.9-6.2 12%
6.2-7.5 5%
7.5-8.8 2%
8.8-10  0%

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