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Struggling to Figure Out If Nursing is the Right Career For You?

Posted on the 28 June 2012 by Pacificcollege @pacificcollege1

Struggling Figure Nursing Right Career You?In today’s job marketplace, many are continually enticed to consider a career in health care. It is a very lucrative field, if money and work are what you’re looking for. However, more than this, a nursing career is also very rewarding in other aspects. The fact that you are bringing comfort and relief to those who are suffering, sometimes even with just a kind word and a true sense of empathy, transcends the fiscal aspect of nursing jobs and really shows how much of a positive impact nurses have on their patients.

Generally however, it takes a bit more than sympathy and kindness to console a sick patient (were that the case, there would not be such a demand for the rigorous education that students must complete in nursing school!). No, to be a nurse, one certainly must have an abundance kindness and patience, but just as importantly, a nurse is a well trained and highly educated medically professional.

The demands upon a nurse are rigorous, and so are the educational standards that are imposed upon the members of this field. Nursing jobs are difficult and challenging, which is why the educational standards are so high, and the salaries are commensurate for the demands that are made not just upon the nurse, but upon the nursing student as well. A nurse must be well rounded and prepared for an unlimited number of medical situations and even medical emergencies.

There are many disciplines within the field of nursing, from obstetrics to geriatrics and everything in between. An education in the field of nursing leaves your options very broad. You may choose to work in someplace as grand as a big city hospital, even the emergency room, or you may choose something much more sedate, such as a country clinic or even a school clinic.

With the rising popularity of team sports, there are the collaborating rise in sports injuries, if you don’t mind practicing your trade sometimes in a locker room. An experienced nurse has not only patience with their patients, but must also deal with the less than delightful by-products of the human body. It is a labor of love, but perhaps one of the most rewarding career pursuits around.

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