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Stream Nation Lets You Store Torrents in the Cloud, Lend Videos to Friends

Posted on the 06 November 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera


Stream Nation has received a massive upgrade, allowing users to do more than just storing videos and photos in the cloud. Stream Nation 2.0 features a brand new timeline, new sections for movies, TV shows and lets users lend videos to friends and family with its’ cool new sharing program.

This is the first major update the cloud storage startup received since its’ launch in July 2012. The service is basically a one stop service for uploading videos from mobile devices, computers, Dropbox and even web links to stream the video later at any time. Keeping movies and TV shows organized is now even easier on Stream Nation thanks to its integration with The Movie Database, which allows users to add covers and list their movies in collections.

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One of the most popular features of Stream Nation is that you can store up BitTorrents in the cloud storage and watch them at anytime across several devices, including smartphones and tablets. Now with new features on Stream Nation, you can even share those videos with someone else for a 24 hour period. However, Stream Nation strictly stated on its’ DMCA that only you are responsible for any copyright infringement caused by your own activities. So, be careful when uploading illegal Torrents.

New Stream Nation offers up to 10GB of space for free accounts, which can be unlocked by completing tasks like installing apps on mobile devices, computers and inviting friends to join the service. Premium plans starts from $4 – $20 per month for increasing more space.

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