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Stephen Hawking: Women Are the Biggest Mystery in the Universe

Posted on the 09 January 2012 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med
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There are different sets of women in this world. I am categorizing the ones that I have crossed over my life.

Before I start, let me describe the fact that women have a dozen hormones in their bodies which

Stephen Hawking: Women are the biggest mystery in the Universe
 makes them the individual that they are.

The Strong One: I am talking about the physically strong and mentally strong individuals, who don’t take “No” for an answer. These people can hide pain and suffering.

The Sweet One:  These people are utterly sweet, because they have the right balance of hormones in their body. These people are hidden gems. They don’t usually turn on your radar because the other category of people catches your eye first.

The Ultra Beautiful One: These girls have the right amount of hormones and have the most amazing complexion and body. But here’s a glitch to it, it comes with attitude; an inborn attitude which is their defense in this world.

The Tom-Boy One: These girls are just waiting for the right moment, to grow into beautiful ladies and they usually flourish into the Ultra Beautiful One.

The Pseudo-Strong One: These women appear to be strong to the external world, but deep down under they are the sweet ones. They suppress the sweet nature for their own defense.

The Child like One: These girls will never grow up. Growing up is a natural process, but they dislike the idea of growing up.

The Ultra Sensitive One: Now, these people have serious hormone issues, they get hurt by trivial issues and usually burst into tears after an incidence. Go get checked seriously!

The Jealous One:  Shakespeare was so true to say this “Jealousy is the jaundice of the heart/soul”. They only obsess about people.  They completely focus their life into other people’s business. This, I would say, is a psychological problem. Live and Let live!

The Obsessive One: Well talk about love, for studies, they obsess profusely. God Bless their Lovers! You will have to deal with the constant phone calls.

The Arrogant One: Doest take active positive criticism from anyone. Life is what they think is right.

The Marriage Obsessed One: Get a grip girl, why do you even think about that? When you can swim across several oceans in your life time!

The Ultra Modern One: They give a damn about what the society has to say.  They always succeed at what they do! I kind of like this group.

The Boyfriend Obsessed One:  They usually don’t give a crap about the Girlfriends that they have.  Their whole universe is about their precious BF.

Seriously, I have some more categories, but let’s conclude to this much.

My message to men: can’t understand your bitter half/ girl? Try learning some details about female signs and hints.

I completely disagree with Stephen Hawking, women are completely understandable, it’s just that men need to understand the periodic cyclical change that happens in women and treat accordingly.

Give love, Give Your wallet, Give your faith, there you go!

Happy Loving People!

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