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Steelreign : Brown's Wanting A New Contract Is Nothing To Worry About

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Let's start out by saying that Antonio Brown has been nothing short of a hard working, team first, class act since he arrived in Pittsburgh as a sixth round draft pick. Antonio has come through for the Steelers in clutch situations, as often as the sun rises and has never shown any signs of being a "me first" kind of player on or off the field. He leads by example and has taken young receivers like Markus Wheaton and Martavis Bryant under his wing, much like Hines Ward did for him. In short, Antonio Brown is the quintessential Pittsburgh Steeler.
In the last few days, it has come out that Brown wants a new deal and that he isn't going to show up until he gets one. This really isn't newsworthy or worth worrying about until training camp rolls around and he still hasn't appeared. Players wanting new deals is really nothing new, and inevitably will continue, but yet it seems like half of SteelerNation is losing their minds over this and comparing him to Mike Wallace. The biggest difference between this and Mike Wallace, is that Wallace put plenty of pouty quotes out there, while Antonio Brown has said nothing. All we are hearing about Brown's demands are from unnamed sources.
Based on his history, I'm guessing the unnamed source is Drew Rosenhaus. The more Brown makes, the more Rosenhaus makes. Obviously Brown is out playing the recent contract he signed, as well as three other top receivers around the league who are bringing in better than $12 million a year. While I don't believe that Antonio is guilty of becoming a selfish diva overnight, the only thing he may be guilty of is taking bad advice from his agent. It would definitely be in his best interest to demand that Mr. Rosenhaus keep this out of the media and between him and the Rooney's, seeing as how they don't respond favorably to these sort of tactics.
In the meantime, for all of those rushing to judge Antonio Brown as being a greedy diva, we haven't heard a single word out of him, and, let's just wait until all the details emerge. That's the least he deserves for being a clutch, hard working team first guy, who has lead by example during his time in the Black 'n' Gold. I firmly believe he will be there when training camp opens, to be the Antonio Brown who tortures defenses and brings us the explosive big plays we live for each fall.
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