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Stamping Out of Ideas: Tips to Update the Stamped Flooring Designs

By Ty Watson

Is stamped concrete outdated? You might take a step back if you realize that the most preferred decorative method for concrete floors has reached its time. Modern design in a traditional home would feature patios r driveways with concrete floors designed with stamping patterns.

There are two ways to answer this pressing question.

One is "Is stamped concrete outdated as a flooring design and application?"

Second, is you might be asking when you see the stamped concrete and begins to feature signs that it needs updating.

The first is a broad question. When you feel your stamped concrete is out of style, the fast solution is to mix and match it with newer systems out in the market. That and more on how to make stamped concrete Mn a timeless decor ahead! And getting a direct yes or no will lead you to many considerations.

What tells you if that a stamped concrete is outdated? For the second question, here is a quick rundown of signs of obsolete stamped flooring.

There are two, as well. These are in terms of form and then their function.

Outdated Function
  • The surface loses the vibrant color
  • The stamped patterns are now hidden under stains
  • Stain, dirt, mud had penetrated the surface
  • The pattern loses its appeal
  • The designs are not noticeable anymore
  • Discoloration
  • Cracks start to appear
  • Surface becomes slippery
Outdated Form

When your concern is an out-of-season decorative design, then you need to figure out several factors.

Before you further went down the list of questions, consider this tip. First, what design and style do you know to prefer? Next, will you still want concrete flooring?

Important tip: Concrete flooring is the only one that can stand the outdoors. Nothing else is as much as durable and versatile as concrete.

How to Update Stamped concrete

Maybe the vital thing you need to ask is how to update the stamped designs?

There are three main applications that you can do:

Resurfacing Stamped Floors

Resurface means replacing the old and change it into a newer material. If you got existing stamped, you could revive its natural beauty by applying an overlay.

Overlay stamping is the most practical option. Overlays allow you to use your old existing slabs.

Next is repairing.


Repair would specifically work when you have significant damages on the flooring that resurfacing can not fix. Here are the scenarios when your floors require considerable repair:

  • The slabs break into big chunks of concrete
  • The foundation is corroding
  • The existing material is too weak to resurface its damaged portions with an overlay
  • The ground movement had destroyed the whole slab and news slab jacking
  • Sinking slabs due to eroding the soil beneath

Now you might be wanting a more practical, affordable, and simpler option. Relish is what you need to do.

The problem of things looking undesirable and od is that they had not met with cleaning devices and polishing tools.

For stamped concrete, the maximum lifespan will reach beyond 25 years. So, when you see outdoor floors in your inherited properties, the surface may look unattractive, but its entire material is as tough as brand new ones. Sometimes they are even stronger than the newly manufactured materials.

Here are simple ways to repolish the stamped concrete and reveal its beautiful form once again.

  • Pressure wash the surface
  • Recolor or apply penetrating concrete stains
  • Polish or deep clean the surface
  • Reapply concrete sealer
  • Use an epoxy sealer to give it a fresh, glimmering look
  • Restrain the stamped design with a modern color combination

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