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ST. REGIS BAHIA BEACH, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

By Jaclynsindia @siennacharles

I visited the St Regis Bahia Beach last October just for the day. Only 25 minutes from the San Juan airport, it’s the perfect escape from the US.

Upon arriving at the hotel, I remembered how much I love the tropical landscape of Puerto Rico that’s lacking in other Caribbean destinations. The hotel is absolutely beautiful with well-designed restaurants, abundant scenery, and a new fresh luxurious feeling throughout. Cell phones working perfectly and not being charged an extra rate are also a great plus for feeling like you are farther than you really are. The beach was beautiful, but didn’t strike me as their best feature. The pool is sprawling, with comfy lounges and fabulous dining options. The food was fresh and really enjoyable. The hotel has its own herb and vegetable garden.

ST. REGIS BAHIA BEACH, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

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