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St Paul's Evictions - 48 Hours Until the End of Sanctuary - Corporate Police State - End of Right to Peaceful Protest

Posted on the 01 November 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
St Paul's evictions - 48 hours until the End of Sanctuary - corporate police state - end of right to peaceful protestThe Private Police State known as the City of London Corporation has (technically) forced the resignations of the Dean and the Canon Treasurer of St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London by threatening to start eviction proceedings against those offered SANCTUARY in the name of peaceful public protest aka the Occupy London Stock Exchange Movement.
The City of London Corporation today announced a FORTY-EIGHT HOUR countdown to a Dale Farm-like ousting of the Global Occupy Movement's tent city from what is technically private land.
You don't get this, do you, still?
Every commercial mall? Every place of business? No matter how 'public' the streets and thoroughfares of a private establishment like Westfield Mall or The City of London might appear, it's a walled private establishment that only allows legal access to its workers, or Consumers involved in the financial process that's ruining this once-beautiful planet.
Anything else is just TRESPASS.
And it's not just The City, pocketed around London are other sites that deny the right to peaceful protest, one of which is Parliament Square where it's now illegal to gather to publicly air your greivances of this democratic process. Sky News are this morning reporting that, at least 12 people have been arrested after scuffles reportedly broke out during a protest about squatters' rights outside the Houses of Parliament.
Now, you may think ousting "filthy squatters" from private property is a great idea, and there's a strong argument. I mean who wants those sorts of people on 'your land' in 'your homes' but, and this is a very big but, we thought London was a place where public and tourists alike could visit at their own leisure. Apparently not, it's all a tacit agreement with The Private Authorities. You didn't know this, did you? Or maybe you overlooked the Private Congestion Charge imposed on hapless workers using the 'freedom of their cars' to drive into and out of their places of work. Maybe you forgot who really owns this planet i.e. it ain't You The People in your Royal or Parliamentary collective guise.
Will the streets of London be CLEARED OF STINKING DERELICTS and FILTHY SQUATTERS and PESKY PROTESTORS in this coming decade of Enforced Austerity in the name of 'making The City a better place, a more industrious commercial district?
Is the City of London's COMMERCIAL OCCUPATION of what should be public property (where even Her Maesty the Queen has to gain permission to enter) even legal? Has anyone ever challenged this walled city claim since it lost its physical wall?
In summary: when will You The Peopele start to challenge the Legal Claim on what should be PUBLIC PROPERTY by private interests, public places where the democratic process can really be opened up to intelligent debate?

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