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SSU Men | Review of Cinthol "Alive is Awesome" Shower Gel in Energy

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc

Cinthol Deodorizing Shower Gel for Men in Energy

 I was more than excited and wanted V to try these shower gels after I watched the advert. for this "Alive is Awesome" shower gels and soaps. It's fun, refreshing and makes me happy whenever I watch it. I couldn't let it go when I spotted it in Big Bazaar and I almost felt like a baby in a candy shop. I started opening the cap and sniffing what each shower gel smelled like. V is never a great help when it comes to do shopping for fragrance because he says "they all smell same to me". But he can definitely distinguish the bad smell. So I now ask him to find if a deodorant, shower gel or anything for that matter smells bad. Clever!!
So here are V's thought for this shower gel:
Cinthol Deodorizing Energy Shower Gel is a colorless shower gel with a very distinct fragrance. What I was really expecting from this shower gel is that it would lather well and its fragrance will stay on body for at least 3-4 hours. However, both of these qualities are missing from this shower gel. It doesn't mean that I don't like this shower gel, I really like its packaging, textures and smell it leaves behind (hardly for an hour). The price also doesn't hurt as it comes in mere Rs.150 for 200ml. 
Do you like when you keep products with fancy packaging in shower? I like it and this is one of those products I would like to keep regardless of the fact that it did not fulfill my expectations simple because it does what it is meant to do. It cleans body well, has mild manly fragrance and leaves skin soft and it doesn't dry it out. Though the advert. has males and females both in it, I think that fragrances are unisex and my brothers out there can very well use it without hesitation.

It has 6 other variants and please add if I have left any -

  • Intense
  • Original
  • Energy
  • Strong
  • Lime
  • Cool
Out of these 6, I liked Energy the best and Original, Lime and Cool are in my wishlist leaving Strong and Intense aside. But this is my personal preference. You will have to go to your nearest General Store or Super Mart to try out the one you like.


Rs.150 for 200ml



Enjoy More Pictures of Cinthol "Alive is Awesome" Deodorizing Shower Gel in Energy!!

Cinthol Deodorizing Shower Gel for Men in Energy

Cinthol Deodorizing Shower Gel for Men in Energy

Cinthol Deodorizing Shower Gel for Men in Energy

Cinthol Deodorizing Shower Gel for Men in Energy

 Hope you liked my reveiew!! If you have any other request please let me know and I would add those on Shopping, Style and Us under SSU MEN section.

Thanks, V
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Jiya (Shoppingaholic)

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