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Spruce Up Your Home With a Furniture Style Bathroom Vanity

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Furniture style bathroom vanities have become a buzz word in the renovation community. Some wonder how furniture style vanities differ from other styles of bathroom design. Is it just a marketing tactic used to reinvent something? I assure you, they are not. This style of vanity tips a hat to the imaginative minds of designers and architects alike. The differences are well pronounced and pleasing to the eye.

In the past decade, bathroom vanities have evolved into something of an art. No longer do we find bland, poorly constructed cabinets that only serve the purpose of storage. A furniture style vanity elicits emotion and alters your state of mind. To be quite honest, boring vanities have held the bathroom back in the past. Furniture is of the most important features of a home’s decor, so why should the bathroom be any different? After all, this is the place that we escape to for a heavenly bathroom experience.

Furniture Style Bathroom Vanity

The Balmoral Double Sink Vanity from James Martin Furniture. Learn More.

The Characteristics of Furniture Style Bathroom Vanities

A recent survey conducted by Houzz demonstrated a growing trend that finds that more homeowners are paying attention to the design of their master bathrooms. With time, more and more details are going into making the bathroom a focal point of the home. Upscale features are becoming commonalities with the growing popularity of furniture style bathroom vanities.

The Imperia Single Vanity epitomizes the idea of furniture style vanities. Originally drafted to be used as a traditional home furnishing item, the Imperia can easily be converted into a vessel sink vanity with a single modification.

Furniture Style Bathroom Vanities

The Imperia Sink is a great example of furniture style bathroom vanities. Learn more.

Pilaster & Bowed Legs

One thing you’ll notice is that vanities are growing legs. Legs are risqué, serving as a platform for an artistically crafted piece. Bathroom furniture is no longer seated directly on the floor. Instead, many transitional vanities are raised from the floor with decorative feet. Still others are crafted with a simplistic approach that allows the focus of the vanity to be place elsewhere like the countertop. Detailed feet can be instrumental in changing the entire look and feel of not only the vanity, but the master suite as a whole.

Other Features of Furniture Style Vanities

Furniture style vanities range from elaborate designs to minimalist inspired cabinets that promote simplicity. Different types of woods are becoming popular as rich hues and fine textures blanket walnut vanities. Risky design concepts such as floating vanities are testing the extremes. Decorative molding, polished accessories, and beveled panels have all become a staple in furniture style vanities. Yes, it’s something to get excited about!

Bathroom Furniture

The Cortona Single Bath Vanity pictured with a Travertine top. View More.

Bathroom Furniture: A Wider Selection and Personalization

Normally, homeowners have been limited to sourcing their bathroom furniture from big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Nowadays, there’s a wider selection with companies like JWH Imports, James Martin Furniture, and Bosconi. I’m constantly amazed by their new collections.

Open shelf vanities stray from conventional bathroom cabinetry that consists of a solid block wedged against a given wall. Open space vanities are used to achieve the airy feel in the bathroom. They can also help improve organization as your cluttered mess will stare at you every day you choose to pass up the opportunity to do a little cleaning in the bathroom.

Homeowners aren’t limited to cookie-cutter vanities that lack flexibility and fail to offer personalization. Those who enjoy rural lifestyles would be happy to know that rustic country vanities are in tune with the outdoor feeling and return to nature. A contemporary vanity may look nice but it has no business being in a ranch home.

Furniture Vanties

The White Ludwig Glass Sink Bathroom Vanity from JWH Imports. More Photo’s.

Furniture style vanities add decor in small bathroom where you don’t have enough real estate to add other bathroom accessories. Furniture vanities are built with the same attention to detail seen in traditional types of home furnishing and are deserving of a category of their own.

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