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Spotlight: Free Target Beauty Bag, Free 2nd Day MAC Shipping & Random News

By Makeupchicliterarygeek @DoriaJM
I wanted to pop on and let you guys know about 2 fun and free beauty-related things going on right now!

Target Beauty Bag

First up is Target's Spring Beauty Bag Giveaway! All you have to do is fill out the form to sign up to receive the Target Beauty Bag and you should be set. Sign up started yesterday I believe, but it looks as though there are still some bags left as sign up hasn't closed yet. You can sign up HERE.

Free 2nd Day Shipping MAC Cosmetics

The second thing I wanted to mention is that MAC is offering free 2nd day shipping today only (until midnight) with promo code: FILM
I'm super bummed I missed out on Watch Me Simmer lipstick and Reel Sexy lipstick :( I was told it may go back in stock in a week or two, but that's what they told me when I missed out on Watch Me Simmer the first time and it definitely wasn't re-stocked within a week or two. Oh well...

Rainbow Honey

I think that about covers it. I haven't been following indie polish shops opening and re-stocking much in the last few days as I'm kind of tired of the craziness at the moment. I'm excited for Rainbow Honey's newest collection, Sakura Matsuri, which releases this weekend. I pre-ordered minis for that collection so I'm glad I won't be part of any virtual stampede. You can visit Rainbow Honey's Etsy shop HERE, but it looks as though the shop hasn't been restocked. My guess is it won't be until closer to the weekend.

BeautyPopShop News

In more personal news, my goal for BeautyPopShop has always been that we'd have our own site, expanding to carry more products including those not produced by us. Yes, we will absolutely carry all of our current nail polish racks, including our newest "Queen B" polish rack that holds over 100 polishes (shameless plug--check it out!), but I have always intended on finding indie polish and cosmetics as well as other fun beauty-related items to carry on The site is under construction right now and we plan to keep it fairly simple, allowing it to organically grow as we do. 
Since I spend so much of my time looking for and trying new products and companies, it only seemed natural that I'd eventually pursue my dream of having my own beauty-related online shop (brick-and-mortar very, very far down the line would be awesome as well). I'm in the process now of determining what indie companies I would like to pursue in terms of being able to sell their products. I'm not sure how many will want to take part in our early stages as we branch out from only selling our own products to including other indies' products as well, but hopefully some will be interested! Every product and every indie we will pursue will be ones that I personally love and use--and you all know I'm picky!
I want to let you know now that I won't be stocking major brands like OPI, China Glaze, etc. ever. While I love those brands and use them regularly, I am a huge fan of small businesses (I'm sure you've gathered my love for indies by now) and want my shop to be a reflection of that love. I hope that our efforts to expand BeautyPopShop's upcoming site will be successful. I'm so thankful for the way our nail polish racks have been received since we began offering them publicly on Etsy. I guess I'm anxious and excited for the future to see where it goes. Perhaps in the end we won't find indies that we love that want to be a part of yet another online beauty store, perhaps we will. Either way, we will absolutely continue to offer and work on new nail polish designs, that is not something I intend on walking away from to any degree.

Upcoming Mega-Giveaway

For those of you that follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably heard me mention the upcoming mega-giveaway I've been planning for months. I don't hold many giveaways, so I try to make the ones I do hold thoughtful and fun! Like my other giveaways, I'll only be giving away products I absolutely love and use. There will be several prizes--some of which consist of multiple products. I can tell you right now that one of the prizes will be one of our BeautyPopShop nail polish racks!
So when will we be holding it? Well, we're still debating on that. I originally intended to wait until the new release of our Queen B nail polish rack, but then one of the products I'm waiting on for the giveaway hasn't arrived yet so we then thought--maybe we'll wait and have our giveaway in celebration of our new site? That is still undecided. My goal is to have the giveaway in April, whether that means our site goes live or not. One the plus side, the more time that goes by the more I manage to pick up for the giveaway! ;)
I'll keep you updated and definitely let you know the exact date we'll begin taking entries for our giveaway as soon as we've committed to a date. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am absolutely still planning on doing a giveaway, I'm just not 100% sure when it will start yet.
Have a fabulous day everyone! Back to the grind I go ;)

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