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Sports Trophies – How Do I Choose the Right Award?

By Shanemcg

Finding trophies is often a hassle for most youth coaches. The process can be painstakingly  time consuming if the proper research is not thought out beforehand. There are several factors that you will want to consider when looking for sports trophies for the athlete in your life. Here are some things to think about before making a purchase.

What age group will you be buying for?

-Today trophies come in all shapes and sizes. Some trophies are designed to fit the likes of youth players, while others are better for an older age group. You can often spot youth trophies because they are smaller in size and eye catching to excite children. For more older youth players, you will want to find trophies that appear to be more distinguished. When an athelete gets older and competes at a more serious level of play, the award must reflect this. Always keep your age group in mind while shopping for awards.

What level of achievement will the trophy represent?

-Knowing what the award will ultimately represent is essential to choosing the right trophy. Dopes the trophy represent a championship? or is the trophy a recognition of participation? Larger, more expensive awards should be reserved only for large achievements, while participation awards can be small and inexpensive. Confusing these too notions could cost you money or improper recognition. Make sure you know the importance of the moment when buying an award.

What is the “personality” of the person/persons receiving the award?

-Knowing what type of award will impress recipients should ultimately be the deciding factor when purchasing sports trophies. Do you think the recipient will favor a unique, flashy award? Or do you think the recipient will favor a more traditional trophy? Personality may give you a indication of what award will be best suited for the individual. If you’re buying for a team, think of its collective personality as a group.

The award you choose to give will be a direct reflection on yourself. This is why it is crucial to have good knowledge of what you are looking purchase before shopping for trophies. Doing the homework it takes to choose the proper award will be well worth the time. Awards are a great way to show someone that you understand their interests and appreciate them as an athlete.

Good luck!

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