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Sports Foul:Philadelphia Eagle DeSean Jackson Calls Radio Caller A Homophobic Slur, Later Apologizes

Posted on the 12 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright

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Philadelphia Eagle and child-bully advocate, DeSean Jackson slipped up big time during a stint on Sirius XM’s “All Out Show” by insulting a caller during the course of his interview.

The call in question sparked off when caller Troy from Tennessee called in asking Jackson whether he [Jackson] had his penis knocked around in the dirt.

Although, it is an interesting question to ask a football player – I mean – they do get hit, so why wouldn’t that happen from time to time… Apparently, Jackson wasn’t as amused, quickly retorting “What type of question is that? Say ‘no homo,’ gay-a– f—–.”

Although Jackson is beloved by his fans and for being severely against bullying. He even went as far as to discuss the topic on The View earlier this year.

Why did the caller have to say “no homo?” Not only that, why did Jackson feel the need to react in such a way when he is an anti-bullying and language like that plays a part in that mentality? The issue that irks me about these public figures who are into all these worthwhile causes is that just because you align yourself with such a cause doesn’t make it alright for you to act foolishly in public. We do have freedom of speech but there is a way to adortable with without resorting to terminology used to demean and hurt.

Of course, with the media getting a hold of Jackson’s slip, he quickly backtracked to save face.

“In a recent radio interview a caller got really confrontational with me. I got very heated with the caller, took it a bit too far and did not mean to offend anybody. I meant no disrespect and a better choice of words was needed.”

Via his Twitter account later on that day:

“I am sorry for using words that I know to be hurtful and unacceptable in a recent radio interview. Intolerance is unacceptable and I apologize to anyone I have offended. I have made a mistake and would like to make it clear that words I used meant no disrespect to the Gay and Lesbian community.”

Is Jackson sorry? That remains to be seen, although, with football being in a stalemate he has plenty of time to work on some sensitivity.

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