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Sponsor Me in the Lemaan Achai Bowl-A-Thon, Or Bowl Yourself!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Lemaan Achai is having a fundraiser Bowl-A-Thon in the new Bet Shemesh bowling alley. I've run marathons, one even to raise money for a good cause, and now it is time to bowl for tzedaka.
You can register as well, for what will surely be a fun and worthwhile event, raising money for a good cause (see below some information about Lemaan Achai).
If you are not going to bowl, please consider sponsoring me so I can bowl for tzedaka. You can donate to Lemaan Achai's Bowl-A-Thon by going to and select that you are donating for the bowl-a-thon. When you fill out the form, put in my name in the notes so they know the donation is for my sponsorship!
The event is in just a couple of weeks, so get your sponsorships in!
Thank you and tizke l'mitzvos!
Sponsor me in the Lemaan Achai Bowl-A-Thon, or bowl yourself!
Lemaan Achai is a unique social service organization whose experienced staff works hand-in-hand with over 350 qualified and responsible volunteers who provide assistance within their own area of professional expertise. Founded in the year 2000 by a group of concerned activists, Lemaan Achai is rooted in Judaism’s communal responsibility towards charity.
We assist families who live below the poverty line and enable them to achieve a high degree of financial, emotional and social independence. To date, Lemaan Achai, in partnership with our volunteers and donors, has improved the lives of thousands of
families, who have turned to the organization in the midst of crisis or on the verge of collapse. The exceptional achievements of Lema'an Achai have been recognized by the wide spectrum of political, religious and other celebrities.

Please help me raise money for this wonderful organization by sponsoring my bowling game. You can do so at this link Please note that there is a button to click for the bowl-a-thon. Once you have donated the money please write who you are sponsoring.
Thanking you in advance for supporting this worthwhile cause.
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