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Spoilers: Review of First Three Episodes of True Blood Season 4

Posted on the 25 June 2011 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

SpoilerTrue Blood fans have been waiting, rather impatiently, since last September for Season 4 to begin.  The wait is just about over and some hugely lucky people have had the chance to view the first three episodes of the season and the Televisionary Blog has written a review for us all.  Warning – this review may make the next day and a half even harder for you!

You will recall that at the end of Season 3 there were several unresolved storylines.  Sookie went into the light with Claudine, Tara hopped into her car and got out of Bon Temps, Lafayette was just discovering his witchy powers, Sam appeared to have shot his brother Tommy, Bill and the Queen were engaged in a battle to the death, Russell Edgington was encased in concrete and Arlene was dealing with a possible evil baby.  So many things we are dying to find out!  Televisionary says that in addition to seeing Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) in a new light, we will be seeing all of the characters differently as they struggle with their identity issues.  In the review, it is made clear that Alan Ball was very adamant about spoilers being revealed, but they do tell us some of the things to watch for:

Sam’s quest to belong; Jessica’s exploration of her true nature; Tara’s attempts to find herself (I did say that identity is the key underlying theme, didn’t I?); Andy’s struggle to maintain his personal sense of order. Elsewhere, the vampires attempt to put a new face on their community following Russell Edgington’s televised slaughter of a news anchor last season, high-quality home furnishings and property ownership are discussed, Bill deals with some new responsibilities, and a group of witches convenes at a New Age bookshop, drawing together several familiar faces into the spiritual realm.

According to Televisionary, we will see Sookie struggle with faerie politics and there will be a few shocking moments in this storyline.  They also tell us that there is a particularly creepy storyline surrounding Jason and Hotshot (fans of the books are no doubt aware that Jason is turned into a werepanther so we have to wonder if this is the creepy storyline).  Now be sure to tune into Episode 2 entitled “You Smell Like Dinner” which is described as a strong installment that sets up a new status quo for the series.  Sounds like a can’t miss!  So what else should we keep our eye on?

It’s impossible to look away from Fiona Shaw’s Marnie: she’s ambition incarnate in a dowdy print dress, a frumpy housewife whose placid exterior conceals the beating heart of the power-mad. Rutina Wesley’s Tara is for once not painted as either the angry black woman or as the victim, but as a rather badass version of herself. Look for a major showdown between Tara and Pam… and some typical steal-stealing from Kristin Bauer van Straten in general, who once again gets to have some of the most deliciously bitchy lines on television and who tosses off these bon mots with such effortless grace that it’s auditory candy to hear her speak. (One moment in the season opener, in which Pam tries to reach out to Fangtasia’s human customers, is particularly hilarious.) Nelsan Ellis’ Lafayette and Kevin Alejandro’s Jesus continue to charm; Deborah Ann Woll’s Jessica and Jim Parrack’s Hoyt, meanwhile, have some hard times ahead. (Let’s just say that Jessica’s cooking skills aren’t quite up to par with Maxine’s.)

They rave about Alexander Skarsgard’s performance this season saying he is at the top of his game.  We have already heard that the Eric we see is going to be very different from the Eric of the past three seasons, and Televisionary echoes this sentiment.  Overall the review is very positive and they are particularly pumped about Episodes 2 and 3.  To read the complete review click here.

Is it Sunday at 9pm yet??

Source:  Televisionaryblog.com – Faerie Tales: An Advance Review of Season Four of True Blood

Image Credit: TrueBloodFanSource

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