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Special Gifts- A Burden Or Blessing? A Way Of Life Or A Way To Make Money?

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

To Me Personally, Having Spiritual Gifts Are Indeed A Blessing. I Could Not Imagine My Life Without Them.

The Only Conflict That Has Dominated In My Life Regarding My Spirituality Is The Ignorance Of Others, But One Is Going To Find Ignorance Everywhere In Life With Certain People Who Will Just “Never Get It”.

We Are Given Gifts For A Reason. They Are Not A Mistake. They Are An Advantage. A Natural Part Of Life That Is Vital.

To Some, Having Psychic Or Clairvoyant Ability Is A Burden And That Is Understandable Considering What They May Have To Go Through And Experience. To Some It Is Also A Guide And A Further Awareness Of Life. And A Way To Help Others As Well As Themselves. And Then To Some It Is A Way To Make Money By Conducting A Business Out Of Fortunetelling And Spiritual Healing Services.

There Is Nothing Wrong With One Using Their Gifts/Talents To Make Money Just As Long As They Do Not Abuse The Situation And Mislead.

Aside From The Complaints That Some Or Many Tend To Have Or Don’t Have Regarding The Powers And Things That Go Along With Supernatural Events There Are Lessons To Be Learned, Truths To Be Discovered, And Revelations To Look Forward To.

When Spirit (Divine Or Departed Spirits) Speaks I Do Listen. To Each And Every Word. Attentive To Correctly Discern Whatever Message, Warning, Blessing Or Deception That I May Be Receiving.

There Are Some Individuals Who Definitely Suffer From Mental Illness. They Hallucinate And Have Delusions. They See And Hear Things That Have Not Actually Occurred And They Hold On To A Reality That Does Not Exist.

Do All People Who Claim To Have Had A Paranormal Experience Suffer From Some Type Of Mental Disorder? Absolutely Not. In Fact, I Honestly Believe That A Great Number Of People Have Erroneously Been Committed Into Psychiatric Institutions Due To The Fact Of Their Preternatural Abilities.

And After They’ve Been Hospitalized Over Periods Of Time And Heavily Medicated Some Then Began To Acquire Certain Mental Disorders.

So Many Innocent Individuals Have Been So Wrongly Misdiagnosed As Schizophrenic And/Or Bipolar (Manic Depression) All Because They Were Born With Gifts And Because Of The Ignorance And Haste Of Narrow Minded Doctors Who Were Quick To Act Out On Their Own Generalized Notions And Assumptions.

Luckily, I’ve Never Had To Go Through Such An Ordeal Of That Nature, But I Personally Know People Who Have. And I Have Had A Similar Situation With An Ignorant Doctor At Gynaecology Who Looked At Me As If I Were Crazy When My Stomach Continued To Move On It’s Own (Push In An Out From Negative Energy) Due To My Extreme Spiritual Sensitivity.

There Are Also Conspiracies Geared Toward Those Who Possess Forms Of Psychic Ability.

Sometimes People Seek Out To Intentionally Have Clairvoyants/Psychics  Committed Only To Have Them Experimented On And Damaged In An Attempt To Alter Or Completely Destroy Their Paranormal Gifts (It Was Tried On Me As A Young Teenager, However The Plot Ended Up In Failure).

Voices From The Spirit Realm Often Come Across As Soft Spoken Whispers. At Other Times They May Come Across As Clear Normal Vocal Tones Or Through Sound Tones-Where One Would Have To Make Out Their Words Through Harmonic/Cognizant Interpretation.

There Is Contact That Can Also Be Made By “Energy” Communication. Natural Forces Of The Universe.

Messages Can And Do Come In Distinct Noises And Musical Tones Just As Well As The Regular Vocal Ranges.

Sometimes Spirits Speak Out All At Once Making It Rather Difficult To Completely Understand What They Are Trying To Relay.

And This May Seem Annoying Or Torturing While In The Early Stages Of Development As The Mind Continues To Race With A Combination Of Experiences.

Sometimes The Spirits Even Converse With One Another, And Talk Over One Another, Each One Anxious To Get Their Point Or Message Across.

Over Time The Strong And Disciplined Clairvoyant Learns To Become Accustomed To The Voices Along With The Other Paranormal Things Associated With The Gifts That Are Bestowed.

Second Sight

To See Into The Future And Call It Forth Is Not Something That Is Out Of The Ordinary For Someone Who Was Born With A Caul (Veil).

There Are Many Distinct Powers That Go Along And That Come From Individuals Who Posses The Natural Inherited Abilities Of The Caul.

True Caul Births Are Suppose To Be A Very Rare Occurrence. Not Very Often Are Babies Born With The Thin Membrane Enclosed Around Their Heads And Face Denoting The Signs Of Psychic Talent. Yet There Have Been Many Who Were Delivered In This Fashion, Shining Their Lights Upon The Billions Of People In The World Who They Are Greatly Outnumbered By.

Til This Day-Even In This Day And Age Of Modernly Advanced Times, There Are Still Those Other Individuals Who Do Not Believe In Omens Of This Kind. They Pass It Off As Nothing More Than Superstition.

In Spite Of That Fact, Anybody With Sense Knows That Just Because Something Is Not Accepted By A Certain Percentage Of People Does Not Mean That It Does Not Exist.

Everyone Has Their Own Beliefs, And System Of Belief. And That Is A Right That One Is Entitle To. However, No One Is In Authority To Force Any Other Into Believing Or Not Believing In What They See Fit To Call As Truth.

For Those Who Do Know, Believe, And Understand. The Experience Of A Caulbearer Is A Very Deep And Beautiful Thing In My Opinion-And According To What I Have Been Through In My Life.

I Cannot And Do Not Speak For All Others Who Were Born With The Special Abilities Of The Caul Due To The Reasonable Fact That Everyone Is Their Own Individual. And Not Everybody’s Experience Is Or Will Be The Same.

Gifts Of These Stature Involve Spirituality. A Spiritual Nature Deeply Rooted In The Hidden Knowledge And Powers Of A Supernatural Kind.

Extrasensory Perception Is Mystical And Exciting.

Looking At Things Through The Third Eye Is Quite Astounding And Wonderful. And When One Feels, Hears, Tastes, Smells And Discerns Some Or All Of The Things That Come Along With The Happenings They Serve As Great Epiphanies.

So Whether Or Not An Individual Chooses To Use Their Abilities Personally, Professionally And/Or Spontaneously, They Should Never Ignore The Gravity That They Hold.

Anybody Can Spread Them Self Around Idly And Without Regard To Gain Money Or Advantage.

There Is Nothing More Common Than Immediate Worthless Profit.

Everybody, However, Is Not Wise Enough To Benefit From What They Keep Sacred As They Richly Maintain Purpose.

There Is Nothing More Rare Than The Delayed Ends Of Meaningful Satisfaction.

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Special Gifts- A Burden Or Blessing? A Way Of Life Or A Way To Make Money?

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