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Sony’s Ultimate Goal with PlayStation 4 is to Make It Economically Viable, Says Koller

Posted on the 08 January 2014 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
Sony’s ultimate goal with PlayStation 4 is to make it economically viable, says Koller
SCEA’s vice president of marketing John Koller has said the ultimate goal with PlayStation 4 is to make it economically viable.
Speaking in an interview with CVG during CES 2014, Koller said Sony’s 1.2 million sales lead over rival Xbox One was important only because it furthers the company’s goal.
“We look at it really just introspectively. The 4.2 million number is important because it gets us further towards our goal,” said Koller. “And that goal is the largest install base we can possibly get – to encourage publishers and developers to continue to make great game experiences for PS4.
“That’s the ultimate goal. You want to make it economically viable, and a great business for the big publishers and developers to say, ‘You know what, I wanna be on PS4 either first, exclusively’ or whatever it is, utilize the feature set the PS4 has and really encourage that as a business.
“I think that’s the goal of the larger install base. I mean, sure, we all look at the competition and see where people are, but for us we’ve got to keep growing, getting bigger and bigger. I think we’ve got a great opportunity specifically because we’ve got a great product.”
Koller said Sony doesn’t have a specific number it’s shooting for such as ” that’s where the PS2 was or that’s where the Wii was,” as it’s biggest desire to “really make games that our gamers want.”

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