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Sony Corporation Feels the Heat After PlayStation 3 is Hacked

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Just to prove that you can do horoscopes for virtually anything if you have a start date, I decided to look today at the Sony Corporation who are reeling after their flagship device the PlayStation 3 was hacked leaving 70 million people’s personal and bank details around the world at risk.

Sony Natal

The Sony Corporation was formed on 6th May 1946 at 09.30 in Tokyo, Japan. As befits a company that makes things Sony has a Taurus Sun. Taurus is synonymous with music and sound and even the name of the company was based on the Latin word for sound “Sonus”. Of course the standout device which Sony was initially known for was the Walkman many years ago, paving the way for the digital mobile devices of today. Typically, the Sun is found in the administrative 10th house, Sony has grown to encompass music publishing, games and many more devices. Sony’s Ascendant is in protective Cancer and the Midheaven is in pioneering Aries. The Aries Midheaven shows a spirit to push back boundaries and to bring new and exciting products to the marketplace.

With Moon, Pluto and Mars in the first house, Sony is an aggressive, competitive company (Mars in 1st) which is very self reliant (Pluto) and determined to do it’s own thing (Moon in 1st). Do you remember the battle between JVC’s VHS video cassette system and Sony’s Betamax, Nintendo vs PlayStation, Sony’s Blu-ray vs Toshiba’s HD DVD? Pluto here also means that Sony will reinvent itself often, a factor that will keep it always relevant to the buying public. From transistor components and radios when Sony first started, Sony is now reliant on the games, computers, the TV and music markets. As time and technology moves on, so will Sony. One other thing, have you ever noticed that Sony’s products are always either silver (Moon in 1st or Cancer on the Ascendant) or black (Pluto in the 1st). The placements of the planets affect our colour choices too.

Looking at the rest of the chart, we see Venus and Uranus together, Sony has pushed forward the technology of colour (remember the Sony Bravia adverts) and technology (Uranus) for the public (Venus). We see trines to this conjunction from Neptune and Jupiter, Neptune in the 3rd represents communication devices -  TV, music, radio & hi-fi). Quindecile to Neptune in Libra is Mercury in the 10th house in Aries – yet another intense link between creation of pictures and music (Neptune), ideas & communication (Mercury) for the general public (Libra). Jupiter sitting in the 4th house shows and international intentions, but from a large base at home in Japan. Despite being a worldwide company, Sony’s roots remain deeply entrenched in it’s home market of Japan befitting a Cancerian ascendant and Saturn in the 12th representing the administration of the company hidden away behind the scenes. The insular nature of Sony is also reflected by the fact that most the planets are found in the Eastern hemisphere of the chart so Sony will only reluctantly share it’s technology with others.

Sony transits

Right now, Sony’s Midheaven is under severe attack from transiting Saturn exactly conjunct to the IC (opposing the Midheaven) showing that Sony’s worldwide reputation is getting a severe hit. The news has come out now as transiting Mercury the planet of communication and news conjuncts that same Midheaven, (the media have got hold of the story). Transiting Venus and Uranus are opposite Neptune in the third house and transiting Pluto is square Neptune highlighting the potential theft and the compromising (Neptune) of Sony’s technology (Uranus), the hacking and security repercussions of the crisis (Pluto), the fact that this situation is worldwide (9th house) and the financial hit (Venus) that may affect the public (Venus) and Sony itself.

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