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Somebody Escort Don Lemon out After His Remarks About Spring Valley High School Security Guard

Posted on the 27 October 2015 by Mikeylately @MikeyLately

Embedded image permalinkY’all enough is Don lemon has got to go. I don’t care where but he doesn’t need to be on tv. He’s a super troll that needs be stomped on. Durning a discussion the security guard at Spring Valley High School who manhandled a teenage girl out of her desk, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer sat down Sunny Hostin, Don Lemon, and Tom Fuentes, where they all shared their opinions on the egregious act of the resource officer. When Lemon and Fuentes thought that they needed to see more of what happen to see if the security guard was wrong, Hostin went off. And you know what I’m hear for it.  Check it out below

Don Lemon it’s time for you to have a big ole seat. I know CNN loves you and you like being controversial like that Raven Symone bird, but not today. There is no reason that a grown ass man needs to flip a child especially a young girl over a desk just arrest her. She’s a teenage of course she’s going to have an attitude. Theses security guards and police offers need to have better training or something because this ridiculous. And you Don Lem shame on you shame on you. To act like you need to see more evidence. They both were wrong in situation. Homegirl should of gotten up. ANd the security guard should of never flipped her. The phuck you mean you need to see more evidence. Bye Don. Why you packing to have a seat some where in the pits of….. I’m over it. Don Lemon is just a stunt queen

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