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Sociopolitical Quid Pro Quo...GOP's Inability to Co-exist in Society

Posted on the 24 August 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Re-creating the US Constitution into their own image...'We, the People' are being bamboozled by 'Me, the Corporation' and its GOP Brothel of political aspirants...all seeking the title of #1 Biotch!
"The "Constitution" only gives people the right to pursue have to catch it yourself" ~~~ Benjamin Franklin
The right to Pursue Happiness, doesn't necessarily means just 'your' happiness! You may not like the asshole neighbor that lives next door to you, but in a civil society you put up with it...he may think you're an asshole, too!!...but, he also has to put up with your ignorance and stupidity! Call it Sociopolitical Quid Pro Quo!...and just live with it!
Antonin Scalia, certainly no bleeding heart liberal, once said; "There is nothing new in the realization that the Constitution sometimes insulates the criminality of a few in order to protect the privacy of us all". There are written and unwritten Rules and Laws set in place in civilized societies to protect everyone's Constitutional and Moral Rights...but in an indecent and immoral political entity such as the Grand Old Party of Lincoln, a "Constitution" is as strong as the paper it's written on!
Re-writing the US Constitution by the GOP and the Ghost of Jerry Falwell under the guidance of the Bothers Koch...on "Georgia-Pacific"!!...would be the the ultimate "Fuck You" slap of disrespect at the American Voter, and the General Public...but, they'll try!! Oh, hell yes! they'll try!...if only to annoy the living hell out of you! and to become an asterisk under "Political Aberrations in American History"!!
How is it that every US Constitutional Issue that involves the repeal of an Act, the arguments for repeal always comes from the Right?...specifically, the Christian Evangelical Right!?!?
If the Christian Right could have their way...their own horseshit version of the Bible and what they believe God says, and Theocracy would rule! Gays and Lesbians would be burned at the stake a la Salem for being "possessed" by the devil!! Blacks will have a choice of being Hung, Lynched, or shot by the Cops...just for being Black! Latinos? hunted down throughout the country, and once captured...booted out ASAP. Cause? soon into this Century, the Latino becomes the Majority and White America becomes..."Numero Dos"!! Oh! the humanity!...their "White Power" will become powerless! It all would be funny...if it wasn't so true!
They really do need to change the Laws muy pronto, because most likely, they're not going to get another chance for a long time...especially with Progressivism and Liberalism becoming the accepted norm and conventional wisdom in our Society and in our Culture...and "Social Democracy", looming just around the corner!
It's not surprising that Amendments and Sections of the United States Constitution are historically used by the GOP to stir the political stew. With an Agenda of opposing every single Political Issue in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and every other issue not in the campaign...and on the southern end of the polls on every one of those's their necessity to exploit another Issue and pick up a Sound-byte or two to come out from their direction, while on a Trump Media Blitz storm!
Meanwhile, the Clown Car keeps rolling on with a majority of the Bozos, naturally supporting repeal of the 14th...professional politicos, without a mind of their own, following the least professional and least knowledgeable buffoon in this year's Emmett Kelley contest. With no policies of their own, they'll look like fools...but, they're so used to that!
3 Clowns that favor Repeal have been affected one way or another by Birthright Citizenship.
Clown #1 who'll definitely never ever win awards of any kind, had to reverse his position when his Immigrant Mom and Dad called him and said; "WTF!! you were Born in the USA because of us, you idiot! could've been born in Punjab, India!
Clown #2 who's Parents immigrated from Cuba, and who supposedly grew up within the Cuban Community and lives in Miami...and should understand the plight and struggles of the Cuban Immigrant, the Dominican Immigrant, and the Haitian Immigrant...the struggles of the wretched refuse? Screw them!!...the money is better on the other side! So much for being a son of an Immigrant.
Clown #3 whom himself was born in and immigrated from Canada, whose Father immigrated from Cuba, and who's only connection to being any sort of an American, is an American Mother living in Alberta. He too, is on the repeal the 14th Amendment Bandwagon, and he too could care less about other immigrants!'s the power to make anybody miserable, including his own Party!
And let us not forget the Clown Car's #1 Joker and Court Jester; who's own mother was an immigrant from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, and whose Paternal ancestors immigrated from his own mind, Immigrants? Only if you're intelligent and from proper stock, What kind of stock was his ancestors when they fled Europe??  
The US Constitution is a guideline for whom we are, what we believe, and what we stand for as a Nation...not to change it, but change those in power that abuse those rights...including those who try to re-write them for their own greed and self gratifications! It's a powder keg that's going to end up exploding in the Republicans' faces. There's a reason why an Elephant is sometimes called "Dumbo"...could they have inherited chronic stupidity from the GOP??
Constitution Change the GOP Believes In - The Daily Beast

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