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Social Media and It's Contribution to the Demise of the Romantic Relationship

By Oppositeofnormal @oppositeonormal
I love social media, I will start with that. I am an avid "FaceBooker" and use Twitter and LinkedIn continuously to promote my small business. I avoided it for awhile, mainly because I felt like avoiding anything "mainstream" for a long time. Such a rebel, I know! It took me YEARS to get a cell phone due to this, and in 2007 I finally gave in and purchased my first cell phone from Tracfone and never looked back. Sorry, getting off track here.
Okay, I agree, social media is a great thing! It helps to connect people in ways that we have never been connected before. It helps me personally keep in touch with family and friends since I am geographically removed from 99.9% of the people that I know. Honestly it makes me feel like I am a part of their lives when I am miles away. But, it also has it's dark side.
I met my now ex-boyfriend online, on a dating site. My first experience on the dating site was nothing to write home about although the sex was mind blowing. I learned quickly what the words "meat market" meant. I am still not sure why I decided to hop back on that wagon again (oh, I was lonely!). I then shortly met the man that I have spent the last 3 years of my life with. Go figure! It began well, and has ended in disaster. Not completely from social media but I am certain the availability of emotional and sexual affairs contributed to the demise of our relationship.
I could very easily pour out the whole story to you in a form of literary diarrhea, but I will refrain. There are even sites dedicated to affairs. Discreet affairs, they tout. How do these people sleep at night? Seriously. They are in the business of nurturing infidelity and destroying trust. Destroying every relationship in their path. I know what you are thinking, isn't this country founded on freedom? Shouldn't an affair be freedom of choice? Yes and yes. BUT, I am stating that it disgusts me to see what society has become with the advent of the internet. I guess am an old fashioned kind of girl.
Ah, and then there is the "Personals" section on Craigslist, although if you are ever bored and aren't easily offended it makes for an amusing evening (add wine for more laughs!). I have noticed (in my area at least) that 30%-40% of the people there will openly admit that they are attached and just looking for sex. Again with the old fashioned, but why not just break up with someone first instead of exposing them to diseases and infections as well as the potential for severe emotional damage that they will sustain when their trust and their heart is broken?
I am not a prude, I will say that right now. I have tattoos, I smoke, I listen to heavy metal and curse enough to make a sailor blush at times I am sure, BUT when it comes to a significant other, I believe in love, and I believe in fidelity, that is why it is so hard for me to wrap my head around this topic without it ending up in total disgust.
Social media is now used to meet new partners, track dating relationships, notify friends and family of relationship status as well as breaking up with someone with the mere change of a relationship status. 25% of 1,000 users polled said that they found out they were being broken up with by a relationship status change on Facebook! That is horrifying! Whatever happened to "The Talk"?! Also, 80% of lawyers polled are saying that they are noticing an increase over the past 5 years of social media being brought up in cases!
The way social media is being used now in regards to relationships (not saying everyone is guilty!) is depressing. Whatever happened to the honor and dignity of an in person status change? Is there really such a large population of Americans that are THAT immature (and slutty, ew!)? I guess what it boils down to is a personal code of morals. Either you cheat on your spouse with god-knows-who thanks to Craigslist or you don't. Just for God's sake please if you are going to do the deed with some random stranger, double bag that shit por favor!
I worked for a catering company for a brief time, and we were meeting with a bride discussing her event and the topic of Facebook came up. You could see the pain in her eyes when she mentioned that was the reason for the end of her previous relationship. He looked up an old flame and all hell broke loose (pun intended). She will never use Facebook again. And all we wanted her to do was like us :(
I personally will never use a dating site again. If I am meant to meet the right man for me, I will meet him. And, it will happen naturally. That is the problem with meeting someone online. You always wonder if they are still online looking. I think it builds a shaky foundation for a relationship that should be built on trust.
I read somewhere, a quote, that said something to the effect of: If you switched cell phones with your partner would you still be together at the end of the day? Something to ponder.
Hah! That was a rant, albeit a mellow one ;) Happy social networking people, and keep it real (honorable-not slutty!).
And now a short film....
Just kidding. But, seriously, if you plug in "Impact of social media on relationships" on YouTube, you could be busy for hours.......

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