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Soap & Glory Face Soap And Clarity Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash - Review

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm
Soap & Glory Face Soap And Clarity Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash - Review
I have been using this amazing facial wash from Soap & Glory now and i have always struggled when it used to come to skincare as i never used to look after my skin and also my skin and was in a very bad way and i was always in spots and dirt. Until i done my beauty course in 2008 i finally released what i was doing wrong and i had to change my ways about my skincare routine and get something done as i was always covered in grease and it was not one of the nicest things to live with when i had it, I have been though so many skin care products over my lifetime and i have found that some of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water was pretty good and it worked well with my skin and it didn't cause me to have any breakouts and blemishes as i also suffer with sensitive skin and also the price was at good value too for a 400ml too,  I also had a small sample of the amazing Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar water as i have been reading that it was one of the best brands from France that removes more dirt then other brands. I found that the price for 2x of 500ml for £15 was a great deal as a 500ml will set you back nearly £10 and i loved the product so much that i am need to get some more soon. i found that a 500ml would last me a while and my skin felt cleaner fresher and more smooth then other cleansing waters out there on today's market. I have always struggled with my skincare from a early age and i thought that skincare wasn't important so i never thought about skincare at all, As my skin use to be covered in dirt and grease all the time i was getting upset about the way i used to feel and look because i felt dirty all the time, So i decided to start learning about skincare and also all about the products out there when i was doing my beauty course in 2008, I first got my hands on a cleansing brush and that was the Neutrogena wave and i must say to this day that i really didn't enjoy using this because it just made my skin feel more dirty and my pores and spots wasn't cleaning up and also the pads was sold on there own and also it needed a battery to make it work, I had both of devices and i hated both of them and i am glad that i stopped using them as my skin was getting worse and worse before i stooped using them,
After i stopped using these nasty brushes i was just basically using my hands and using any facial cleaner on the market and i found that some of the facial cleaners that i was using on my skin was making me come up in sores and rashes and i stopped using them straight away and they was both from Garnier and i was now on the hunt for a new facial cleanser and brush for my new skincare routine, I never thought that a company would send me one of the most amazing brushes in the world in 2013, Magnitone kindly sent me a limited edition pixie lott cleansing brush that RRP: £69.99 and this brush has changed my skin so much it makes cleansing my face a lot more faster and effected.I used this brush for the first time and i used it for 30 days and there was a massive improvement in just a few days and before i had the brush my skin was covered in spots and pores and i was amazed how this brush worked on my skin very well,
Since i have had this brush i have been using it twice a day when i have a shower or a bath and it just makes life so much easier when you have one of the most amazing brushes in the world, I did make a blog post and review on the brush when i had it. I have also been loving the new Soap & Glory facial wash that i have been using for a while now and i have never ever used this brand before for skincare and the price did stun me a bit and thought that i wasn't gonna pay for that at that price but then i finally realised that i made a good choice for what i had because this facial wash from Soap & Glory is one the best that i have used since getting it as it gets right into your skin and as it has got micro beads in the facial wash itself it gets more dirt out then you think. Everytime i have used this facial wash with my brush i can't believe how much dirt that comes off my face every two days when i clean it it is amazing,  Since i have been using this skincare routine with my brush and facial wash my skin has gotten so much better within 1 year because i am paying more time to my skin and providing it with good skincare products on a daily routine. I am also using the Soap & Glory facial wipes and the makeup water that i haven't used as yet because i haven't put on any makeup for ages but i believe that this is gonna be a winner too.
Soap & Glory has helped my skin in so many ways with there amazing facial products and before i started to use this brand for anything my face was in a bad way and i didn't know what i was gonna do for it as i couldn't even put any wet wipes on it for over a year because it was so sore and covered in spots sores and oil and it was something that i wouldn't like to experience again in my life, I enjoy giving my face a daily skincare routine every week and how refresh that i feel after i have done it so my skin can breathe a lot more. Skin is not one of the best things to deal with if you have never ever done it before like me but if you if the right products for your needs it can be one of the relaxing things to do in the mornings, Since i trained as a beautician and cosmologist i am a massive junkie when it comes to skincare and makeup and i know all about what kinda product that require and also what is inside each facial wash so i know whats gonna give me a rash or sores. I do agree that some companies do charge so much for skincare products but it will last you a lot longer and it has more ingredients and also it will make your face glow and make you feel proud.
I would highly recommend this amazing Soap & Glory Facial wash for anyone at any age and also with people who has very sensitive skin and very dull / dry skin as it will hydrate your skin all day witch i love about this product,
Soap & Glory Face Soap And Clarity Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash Is Available At Boots For £8
Magnitone Cleansing & Exfoliation Brush - Pixie Lott Pink Is Available At Superdrug For £69

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